Tuesday, September 23, 2008

behold my skirty goodness

today i went to work in grubby jeans and a grubby t-shirt and i spent all day just wanting to be pretty. or to be at not work. whatever, i made this skirt today out of a t-shirt and some soft black jersey and a pillowcase i got from the DI. i'm happy! and because our darling cousin misty insisted, i am sharing it with you.

the kangaroo pocket thing is from a local band t-shirt called "palomino", and the red stuff is this pretty red brocade. i put a flounce hem on it and that was the first time that happened, but it worked and i am pleased.

i kindof want to try making a bikini out of a t-shirt. for some reason that idea just appeals to me. i've never been a bikini girl, because of both moral and body-image issues, but i'm determined that whenever i get married and do the honeymoon thing i will ROCK A BIKINI. probably won't be posting pictures of that.

Monday, September 15, 2008

the world is a mess...and i just need to rule it.

video share for the day:


also, i would like to share my love for the deseret industries and thrift stores in general, because they allow me to buy armfuls of bedsheets to use for fabric for like $2 a piece. it makes me feel resourceful and recyclatory, and like a motherfrickin genius even though most other seamstresses-on-a-budget do it too.

we got home at 4 am this morning from being in chico for the weekend. i wish i had pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries in like the first five minutes so you'll have to use your imagination. we were there for tony's priesthood ordination. he was ordained into the aaronic priesthood and everybody almost cried.

and now, some towely supervillains.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

jodi...i... you just have to watch.


so, the hoff is attractive in a completely not attractive in any way at all way. i never knew that. before he was always just not attractive in any way at all period. thankyou to random friend of highschool friends for exposing me and many other innocent people to that video.

i'm a bad blogger. i don't think this can technically be called blogging, because mostly i've used it as a forum to share videos i just can't keep to myself. although i have been thinking of starting/converting this into a sewing blog, so other people can laugh at all my dumb mistakes.

speaking of dumb, today has so been one of those days! first i put the spatula that i just used to serve my german pancakes upside down back into the spatula holder on the counter and didn't realize i did it until i went back for seconds. and then i near-deliberately threw my fork on the floor completely against my will. a few days ago i almost put the milk in the cupboard. (actually, i kindof wish i'd actually done that cause how funny would that have been??) i don't know, i must be bored.

i started my new job working at a little cafe thing, only the cafe isn't so much open as it is not being close to being open. the owner got a bunch of his kitchen equipment on the cheap from a prison auction, and hoff knows those things have never been cleaned. if i ever see a live inmate i'm going to make him eat some of the stuff i've been scraping off the underside of metal countertops.

my neighbor has an orange head. aaaah, incoherency attacks!