Monday, January 31, 2011


I've pretty much been playing matchmaking in Halo ever since I got home from work, and on a potty break I looked in the mirror and realized I looked so ridiculous I needed a picture. 

It's a good thing Tony's not here cause between the earpiece microphone and the mouthful of burrito I'm just not sure he'd be attracted to me anymore.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random is all I got

I am currently suffering from Shopper's Exhaustion.

Tonight I realized some cardinal rules about shopping that I was going to tell you about, but I forgot what they were.  Bring Tylenol?  Don't go jeans shopping when you're having a fat day?  I dunno.  If you can think of any, put 'em in the comments so I can have something to giggle at.

Tony is outta here for the weekend, so I had all day to myself to do whatever I dang well pleased.  I went snowboarding in the morning, and then I got a machaca burrito from Molca Salsa on the way home because that's just what you do.  And then I went to the mall way across town to go to Forever 21 and you know what?  Forever 21 and I were, for whatever reason, not on the same wavelength today.  I got some jewelery because, hello, $1.50?  Okay.  And then I tried on jeans at American Eagle and the very first pair I tried I liked, and the second pair were a bit too small around so I asked the people for a bigger size, and turns out I was trying on boy jeans.  So they brought me the girl equivalent of the jeans I was trying on without even asking me, and you know what?  I liked the boy jeans better, except they weren't stretchy.  And when you've got to be at kid-level all day, trust me that you NEED some stretchy jeans.  

So there was that.  

Then I went to two (2) Barnes and Nobles because the first one did not have a music section.  Can you believe that?  The second one, fortunately, did (I began to doubt whether it was normal to have one, and suffered brief panic when I thought maybe NONE of the Barnes and Nobles have a music section anymore?) and I finally got my very own Cat Power cd.  I'm listening to it now, and it's doing wonders for my soul.

Target is a fun store.  I got a decorative pillow.  My first!  Which reminds me, we got a chair!  I want to take pictures to show you, because it's so ugly but so comfy and now it has a pillow to pretty it up.

Maya just sighed as though to let me know she didn't appreciate my being gone all day. 

My this post got wordy.  Here's one of our engagement pictures for you to aww at.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 Remember, how, sometimes, things have a point?  I do not.  Have a point, that is.  If my brain had a face, this is what it would be looking like lately:

Brains are confusing enough without faces.

I would like to announce, that now I have twenty-one (21) followers.  I'm sorry, I forgot to put enough exclamation points.  This should suffice: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why 21 people would want to read my blog, I may never know.  But I think it's dang cool.  If you all were here and we were in a hugging point in our relationships, I would hug each one of you.

I just remembered why my brain is blank.  My good friend Spencer lent me his copy of Dragon Age: Origins.  And there went my sleep.  The good part about getting so into a game that you habitually stay up late to play it, is that it gets beaten fast.  Now I'm done with it and feeling a little lost, like maybe a smoker would feel if they woke up one morning and there were no more cigarettes in the world, anywhere.  Maybe that's a bad example.
Anyway, to counter the sudden re-uprising of adventurousness that game gave me before it cruelly left my life, and since there aren't actually any orcs to slay in the world, I've decided to read The Lord of the Rings for the first time.  
So far, so good, though I'm not sure whether this will actually help or not.  With the adventure cravings.  (Probably it will just make them worse.)


Oh!  Before I forget, do you remember that Exciting Mixdisc Swap I did a few months back?  Well, the coolest of the cool girls Natalie is doing another one!  Yay!  Go sign up!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Computer Needs to Put It's Shush On

Reasons I have not been blogging:
  1. Typing on the keyboard is very loud.
  2. So right now I'm typing extra slowly,
  3. because Tony is sleeping. 
  4. Dragon Age.

Did you know how tomorrow is Saturday?  That means I can unleash the fury of my typing fingers without worrying about waking the neighborhood.  

That picture up there?  It was taken in the bathroom at work.  I know that sounds weird, but I'm not doing what you think I'm doing.  Some days the only place to get some quiet time is locked away in the bathroom.  Unless you flush the toilet, cause dude that thing is LOUD with a capital LOUD.

I'm noticing a noise level theme going on in here today.   I guess I need some quiet time? 

Friday, January 14, 2011

I am really in a high fantasy adventure mood.

Loving this gorgeous, mystical, whimsical, cute & fun picture (and actually this whole awesome wedding) from Rachel Thurston Photography.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look! Blog post!

 Today I officially ditched Google Reader.  And let's face it, Google Reader was a good starter option, in the sense that it was my starter, but in the shadow of better, stronger, handsomer blog readers, well, it just doesn't look so impressive anymore, does it?  (Answer: no.)  So now I'll be going steady with Bloglovin.  I believe it's 500% less confusing and cluttered, and it also takes you directly to the Blog in Question to read new posts which really sealed the deal for me because the main thing I was so bummed out about with Google Reader was that I didn't get to see all the pretty blog designs people put so much effort into creating.  So, that's that.  Change is good.

Follow my blog with bloglovin

I have a real post up my sleeve (no I really do) but until I manage to wrestle it into the text  box, here's a quickie for you.

a.)  This song.  I like it.  This one too.  (Click those, they're links.)

b.)  Do you know Dawn?  You probably do, and you probably love her.  These days she tends to be sailing through a crap ocean, and wouldn't it be nice to send some love and happiness?  There's this thingy:

c.)  And to round out this jumbled mess of whatever, you can thank my dear friends Parker and Jessie for sharing these videos on Facebook:

You're welcome.

Oh, I forgot.  Today I was attacked by inspirational musings by some of my favorite bloggers.  This one by Ashley Ann was notable, aka I Loved It.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Addition

Blog, meet Belle.  Belle, Blog.  Belle is an individual with a lot of personality.  You don't think a car can have personality?  I'm sorry, please direct all ridiculous statements to the Department of Having No Sense of Wonder.  

That was harsh.  A little too harsh?  Well...I have no excuse.  My contacts are blurry, maybe?

Anyhoo.  It's safe to say that I am on the fast track to becoming completely enamored with Belle.  She is cute, she is little (but not SO little), she is yellow (!), and her transmission is of a more manual nature which means I get to feel like I'm operating something a little more like a spaceship than a car.  Which is something that makes me feel better after the workday.

Belle was also very much beloved of her previous owner of 8 years, which is something we're working on.  I'm understanding if she doesn't warm up to me right away, because her previous owner treated her dang good, really, and so we're building our relationship slowly.  I am not a monster.

Someday, when there are no more Christmases and new cars to spend money on, I will buy the replacement part to fix my laptop with so I can do things like blogging from the comfort of my couch.  Cause I am not digging all this uprightedness, yo.

And what else I've been thinking about lately?  Interior decorating.  Like, we just rearranged our whole living room on a whim Sunday last, and now I'm realizing just how terribly we're needing curtains.  And also not so much black furniture.  And also a reading chair.  Shouldn't every living room have a cozy corner with bookcases and a cozy reading chair?  I say.

My super awesome in-laws (can i say that?  In-laws?  I mean, I know we've been married for almost a year, but it still feels strange to think that I have in-laws) well, they got me a gift card for Michael's, which was incredibly perfect, as you may think, and so yon day I went and bestowed the good Lady of the register with my gift card in exchange for some desirable items, namely yarn, and paper, and a crochet hook, and a book of afghan patterns.  And oh the yarn is delicious, and contains no fake materials, and their palette is of a candy-like nature, and the pattern book contains an afghan which involves roses (!), which you may not know a being a true love of mine, and oh wouldn't I love to be having a baby and that baby to be a girl right now?  Alas, such things are not yet to be, but maybe if I start crocheting a candy-colored rosey baby blanket now it will be ready by the time I have need of it.

One must always plan for the future.  I say.