Monday, January 3, 2011

Family Addition

Blog, meet Belle.  Belle, Blog.  Belle is an individual with a lot of personality.  You don't think a car can have personality?  I'm sorry, please direct all ridiculous statements to the Department of Having No Sense of Wonder.  

That was harsh.  A little too harsh?  Well...I have no excuse.  My contacts are blurry, maybe?

Anyhoo.  It's safe to say that I am on the fast track to becoming completely enamored with Belle.  She is cute, she is little (but not SO little), she is yellow (!), and her transmission is of a more manual nature which means I get to feel like I'm operating something a little more like a spaceship than a car.  Which is something that makes me feel better after the workday.

Belle was also very much beloved of her previous owner of 8 years, which is something we're working on.  I'm understanding if she doesn't warm up to me right away, because her previous owner treated her dang good, really, and so we're building our relationship slowly.  I am not a monster.

Someday, when there are no more Christmases and new cars to spend money on, I will buy the replacement part to fix my laptop with so I can do things like blogging from the comfort of my couch.  Cause I am not digging all this uprightedness, yo.

And what else I've been thinking about lately?  Interior decorating.  Like, we just rearranged our whole living room on a whim Sunday last, and now I'm realizing just how terribly we're needing curtains.  And also not so much black furniture.  And also a reading chair.  Shouldn't every living room have a cozy corner with bookcases and a cozy reading chair?  I say.

My super awesome in-laws (can i say that?  In-laws?  I mean, I know we've been married for almost a year, but it still feels strange to think that I have in-laws) well, they got me a gift card for Michael's, which was incredibly perfect, as you may think, and so yon day I went and bestowed the good Lady of the register with my gift card in exchange for some desirable items, namely yarn, and paper, and a crochet hook, and a book of afghan patterns.  And oh the yarn is delicious, and contains no fake materials, and their palette is of a candy-like nature, and the pattern book contains an afghan which involves roses (!), which you may not know a being a true love of mine, and oh wouldn't I love to be having a baby and that baby to be a girl right now?  Alas, such things are not yet to be, but maybe if I start crocheting a candy-colored rosey baby blanket now it will be ready by the time I have need of it.

One must always plan for the future.  I say.


  1. Belle is super cute! I love describing driving a stick shift like operating a space ship! SUCH a good way to look at it!

    Also, where did you that shirt?

    Also, lets be real friends, and by real i mean facebook. look me up.

  2. what a cute car!
    love the shape.color.NAME!

  3. I love it! And this post, it made me LOL. Hahaha! The car is perfect. I'm excited to see what you crochet! Hope you'll be taking photos & sharing it here! I love getting sneak peeks into what people are making.

    Which makes me realize that I should post photos of what I'm in the middle of... hmmmmmmm. haha! Hope you're having a great daaay!

    (And sorry my comment is so late!! I'm trying my best to catch up with blog posts.)