Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I think about.

So sometimes I sit and I think about things I want to do. Mostly it's just silliness and daydreaming. Or it's all silliness and daydreaming, most of the time.

But the thing is, I used to want to be a photographer. And every now and then I see real photographers' photographs and think "Well, I can probably do that."  (I probably can't. That's not the point, but next to it. It's beside it.)  But I have this thing where I don't like to do the same thing that a lot of other people are doing, and there are A LOT of photographers in Utah. (Maybe other places too? I just live here.)  I mean, I personally know 3.  Which seems like a high percentage to me, considering the number of people I actually know.

And the other thing is, I think a lot of photography - wedding, family, baby - is really boring. Even the cute stuff, there's just so much of it that even THAT is getting boring. 

So all of this is just a round about way of getting to me saying, Sometimes I think about being a photographer but I would only do totally weird, ridiculous, completely ultra non-traditional photography. If people wanted only all the classic poses they would know not to come to me. They would only come to me if they wanted a picture of them having a mud fight on their wedding day, or doing handstands in every picture, or...I don't know, that's all I can come up with. Told you I wouldn't be very good.

Which is why I'll never be a photographer.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Life leads me to all kinds of contemplation.  Like, why do I get a headache after watching too much tv?  And is there a trend with people generally having more problems with their right knee than their left because of walking on the right side of the road? Things like this.

But also, let's be serious. My new job affords me more time to watch tv and browse magazines, and Twitter ushers into my life the awareness of what famous people are doing with themselves, and can you keep a secret?  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I haven't done things quite right and maybe I should have tried to be one of those people.  (Not like I've got the talent or anything but this is my fantasy anyway, so let me have my fun.)  And I get a little, you know, because I haven't written The Novel or didn't move to New York to study musical theatre and haven't started my own business or gone to law school, and maybe I'm a dud in some way.

And then I turn off the tv, because I am of the opinion that too much of studying other peoples' lives leads one to forget their own.  And truth be frankly told, I'm privileged to come to work every day and be the caretaker of this sweet little girl and someday my own spawn, and I've always thought that that was the most important. And I've still got a few plans and dreams up my sleeve.

I'm also of the opinion that one must not do only ONE THING in life and that the journey is a very long one and just because we're not doing some thing RIGHT NOW means we never will. I mean, you know?

And that's my philosophy for the day.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Tony and I are seated upon our living room furniture, eagerly awaiting for my father to come pick us up so we can head off into the majestic wild wilderness of Burley, Idaho for a family reunion.

That's what we're doing, but my tongue and my stomach are enjoying one of the most important groups on the food pyramid: fresh homemade caramel popcorn.  1000 mouthfuls = 1 serving size.

You know what else I think? I think if the kitten wants to play in his letterbox, I say let him. Just don't let him walk on your face when he's done. Last night when he was trying to wiggle his way nose-first into my nostril I thought, "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

Please don't tell my dentist I'm eating all this caramel popcorn. I do so love it when he's not disappointed in me.

Before I go, I want to formally welcome my newest readers and tell them I think they're beautiful and lovely in all ways, much like the dear Suzy of Suzy and the Skyscrapers who referred them to me.  I'm sorry Suzy for not linking to you, but well does anyone else feel terribly claustrophobic on these phone thingies? I feel like I can't do anything. So i'll link to you when I next use a real computer.

Much love, the Management

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sometimes I don't know if I'm a serious person, or the other kind.
Most of the time I feel like a lot of different kinds of people and sometimes I have a hard time choosing which one I'm going to be right now.
I guess I'm okay with the complexity, cause what if I was stuck with Serious all the time?

That would be lame.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I just spent 10 minutes trying to take a good picture of my feet to show off my pedicure (Me?  A pedicure?  I know, right!) before I realized that feet are just weird looking.  Especially mine.  But I'm okay with it.

I'm babysitting tonight and when I got here Star Wars was already playing.  I feel so at home!  And also my work is half done.

Happy 4th y'all.  There were fireworks last night at the highschool down the street, so Tony climbed on the roof to watch them, but I was stuck inside on the couch with some bizzaro itchy leg problem.  It made me sad to miss fireworks with him, but I guess they and him and our roof will still be around next year.

Well, my chinese food just arrived and, well, you know how it is.

P.S.  RIP Yoda.