Monday, July 11, 2011


Life leads me to all kinds of contemplation.  Like, why do I get a headache after watching too much tv?  And is there a trend with people generally having more problems with their right knee than their left because of walking on the right side of the road? Things like this.

But also, let's be serious. My new job affords me more time to watch tv and browse magazines, and Twitter ushers into my life the awareness of what famous people are doing with themselves, and can you keep a secret?  Sometimes I wonder if maybe I haven't done things quite right and maybe I should have tried to be one of those people.  (Not like I've got the talent or anything but this is my fantasy anyway, so let me have my fun.)  And I get a little, you know, because I haven't written The Novel or didn't move to New York to study musical theatre and haven't started my own business or gone to law school, and maybe I'm a dud in some way.

And then I turn off the tv, because I am of the opinion that too much of studying other peoples' lives leads one to forget their own.  And truth be frankly told, I'm privileged to come to work every day and be the caretaker of this sweet little girl and someday my own spawn, and I've always thought that that was the most important. And I've still got a few plans and dreams up my sleeve.

I'm also of the opinion that one must not do only ONE THING in life and that the journey is a very long one and just because we're not doing some thing RIGHT NOW means we never will. I mean, you know?

And that's my philosophy for the day.


  1. ahh, such wisdom at such a youthful age... love your rambling inspiration, love you!

  2. Oh Kayla this is a great post! I love your honesty and your conclusions. Thanks for letting us peek into your beautiful mind a bit. And you have your own "spawn" on the way!!! Congratulations.