Monday, June 15, 2009

new blog

i'm sorry i don't post much here anymore. that's because not a lot of new exciting things happen in my life. but little ones do, so i'll probably post more at my more crafty blog. no, not the new one i created a little bit ago. the new NEW one i created a couple days ago.

gah. just go here.

Friday, May 8, 2009

good morning

i've already spent more time online than intended, so i may as well write just a little. haven't yet written a letter to myself. i think i'm waiting to not have to think about it so hard, or waiting until i feel like thinking about it. i did make a list of quiet thrills the other day, and the notebook is sitting open-faced on my desk where the computer once lived.

it's been in my head lately that i need to read again. i used to be such a book lover. i still am, but my hands have been too preoccupied with movements and making things. yesterday i cross-stitched, after work and staying up late. cross-stitching is mindless enough to be relaxing and doesn't take much energy if it's a pattern you're following. the result is useless, but cute anyway.

if i'd shaved my legs i'd wear a dress today.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

birthdays for tony

saturday was tony's birthday. we didn't have a huge party, but some family came over and the kids gave him presents and stuff and i made him a cake.

it's a 2-layer white cake with strawberry filling and vanilla cream cheese frosting. i didn't get a shot of the inside cause i forgot, and it all got eated.

mom made the frosting.

i don't know where miricakes was during all the picture taking, but i got a couple cute shots of the kids and family and boy.

happy 22, you little bugger.

#2. write a letter to yourself in the future

at first i didn't want to do this one from the list. it sounded kindof lame and boring and i've already done it before. but i kept thinking about it and decided maybe i would like a letter from myself about this weird time in my life. i do keep a journal, but a letter might have a little different flavor, and maybe i can write it to myself like 50 years in the future so i'll completely forget about it and have a nice little surprise when i'm ancient.
we'll see. in the meantime, i enjoyed yesterday's thingie. i went on a walk barefoot and with my sketchbook and it was kindof rejuvinating. i don't really like that word, but it is how i felt while walking through parts of the neighborhood i don't usually pay attention to.

it was nice. happy little tuesday, everyone.

Monday, May 4, 2009

"100 ideas" -- a list for kayla happiness

sorry for a lack of posting lately. my computer's still broken so i've been leeching off of mom's and tony's laptop and it's just not as easy to get comfy for a blog post sitting at the kitchen table as opposed to my room.

but in need to come home and do relaxing, inspiring, stressless things today, i surfed some really neat and uplifting creative blogs today and found a list of 100 (to be) ideas for - i'm assuming - jumpstarting creativity. or getting yourself out of a rut. or something like that. but reading through it made me happy, so i decided i'm going to check off an idea a day or so, and i'll chronicle it here. if anyone wants to follow along and do them with me, i think that would be fun. some example ideas are to spend a day drawing only red things, or to list the smells in your neighborhood, or to draw a map of your favorite sitting spots in your city and then photocopy it and give it to people. isn't that just lighthearted enough to be motivational?

okay, so today's idea is:
#1. go for a walk. draw or list things you find on the sidewalk.


Friday, April 17, 2009

pimping for the other blog

i finally got around to posting some sewing projects over at my other blog, treasurefulness. there's still a few more little things i haven't posted yet, but all in good time. go check 'er on out.

Monday, April 13, 2009

sweet surprises

i'm emotionally uninterested in making a full-blown post, but i wanted to share the flowers tony surprised me with this weekend. i came home from a birthday party on saturday to find some beautiful pink calla lilies on my desk accompanied by a very sweet card. here they are, but the photograph doesn't really do them justice.

Monday, April 6, 2009

le crafting blog

so i decided that maybe i finally actually do enough little new craft thingies to warrant creating a blog just for them. here it is:


it's obviously plain right now, but i really would like to keep feeding my addiction to my sewing machine and sketchbook and hopefully some other things. and maybe have a place to rant about how amazing the embroidery floss aisle at michael's is so tony and my mom don't have to put up with it anymore. we'll see.

g'night everybody.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

face aliens and religious adventures

i need to wind down my head a bit before going to bed, cause i've been up playing half-life 2 which is almost the scariest game ever, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to throw down a blog post.

so last sunday tony was called into the bishop's office after church. i thought he was in big trouble for, i don't know, chewing gum in church or something. or wearing a tie that didn't match my outfit. or killing someone. hey, i'm not with him 24/7, who knows what he does on the way home from work. anyway, it turns out the bishop just told him to go on a mission. apparently he was so impressed with tony's public speaking skills while he was giving a talk several sundaes (mmm, ice cream...) ago that he felt he should put those skills to use in the mission field. plus he looks way good in a suit, which is a well-known missionary requirement.

of course, tony said that if he goes, i have to go. i told him he was cute and kept playing video games.

just kidding. i actually feel really good about the kid going on a mission, and if he went i would go too. on my own mission. (dur.) i know it would be extraordinarily good for us, both as individuals and in our relationship. plus that whole teaching the gospel thing.

so that's what's been on our minds the last couple days. i do feel good about it, but at the same time i feel a little impatient at other things i want to be happening in my life. it seems like everyone around me is getting married or having babies or playing with the babies they already have or buying their first home, etc. i'm not really in a hurry for all that, but with it being a potential next possible step i can't help but get excited dreaming about it. i know 2 years isn't a ridiculous amount of time, but when standing on this side of it, it seems to stretch.

of course i can put those feelings away for tony's sake if he decides to go. and for my own sake. i'd feel way too guilty knowing i denied both of us the blessings of a mission just because i was impatient to do something we can still do later. it's just a little exhausting thinking about it.

okay, i'm feeling more ponderous and less scared now, so it's bedtime. what up, bed. i'ma sleep in you.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


my friend crissy has recently inspired me to take more pictures. it's something i've been wanting to do for eons, but i never seem to be able to remember to bring the picture-taker whenever we go places. the last several times we've done stuff, though, i've managed to take the camera, which i will shamelessly unload here.

initializing picture upload....
upload: 90% complete....
minor delay: impending terrorist attack on los angeles....
upload complete!

they're all mixed up. i don't understand blogger. we never talk anymore.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

it's so bedtime

i have the most wonderful and amazing boyfriend/best friend. he restored my desktop with internet! no more lappy for me. i am so in love with him and this computer.

i had a very good weekend. friday night tony and i ate kettle corn and partook in the finishing of our watching of the epic journey that is the lord of the rings. it made me want to go on an adventure, but tony reminded me that we don't have any cursed jewelery.

saturday was a very busy day, but it was the gratifying kind of busy. i've been so not busy lately. so we airsofted, got kicked out of our airsofting grounds by landowners and policemen, got jamba juice and arby's, played resident evil 5 at tingey's house with buddies, bought art supplies, and then came home and set up for a figure drawing thing i decided to have. which was a blast for me. not too many people showed up, but it was enough and honestly i'm not sure my house could fit that many more. i love friends! we talked and drew and ate cookies. tony saw ninjas that nobody else saw. and then after that we went to The Pie with some of my old highschool friends in honor of pi day. i would like to remind everyone that pizza is delicious and should be eaten as often as possible.

it was also a very good sunday. church was inspired and featured a musical number that will stay with me for a long time. plus joe, julia, and the munchkins came over for dinner and it made me happy to see them, especially with knowing that they may be moving further away maybe sometime soon. miri's giant smiles make my heart smile giantly.

but mostly i love my boyfriend. he is the greatest and best of all worlds, and i love him with all of my butt. i mean heart. plus, he teaches me how to drive a manual, so he's handy too.

Monday, March 2, 2009


nothing new to report. all's quiet on the western front, except that the ECONOMY SUCKS and we all need better jobs, but that's old news. to cheer ourselves up, tony and i bought afro samurai.

it is the new video game for xbox 360, and it's glorious. in a bloody, foul-mouthed, 1970's-kung-fu sort of way. we obviously love it, and i've had to stop myself from shouting at people in my best samuel l. jackson voice. i can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone because it's rated M for Motherf'in, but at least look at the cover next time you're in a gamestop.

other than that, there is no other than that. peace out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

massive adventures of the saturday kind

yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, relatively warm day, so the boy and i decided to take advantage of it and do a little urban adventuring. first, we went and shot our friends up with some airsoft guns (or, rather, I got shot up, as usual, in my face, as usual. but i had an epically long hold out where i was the last surviving member of my team with an entire opposing team coming after me, which involved being stealthy in the woods and sprinting across open terrain and sliding down snowy embankments. sadly, i was taken down by an impossibly accurate shot to the chin through a completely fortified wall of branches. stupid people with better guns than mine.) that's always a fun way to start a morning.

after that we went home and indulged in some dreamy cafe rio leftovers.

and then, the junkyard.

tony needed some parts for his explorer from the pick-n-pull and i got to help. i am a master of extracting screws! i took out a glove box, and i helped with the rear windshield washer thingy, and i wielded an actual power tool to take out some screws to take out a headlight - although tony's job was way cooler cause he got to break stuff.

after that we went downtown and romped around for a bit. while passing temple square a man walking ahead of us with a suspiciously wide sway to his hips booed at the sister missionaries inside the gate. i thought it was rude, so we cheered at them as we passed. then we went to the gateway mall, peed in public bathrooms, made use of the food court, browsed some video games, and then got cold and began walking back to the car. at the last minute we decided to attempt catching trax, and i'm not sure i'll ever know why, but we figured it'd be a good idea to get on the train heading away from the car. at the first stop we realized we're retarded and got off and just freaking walked.

that's about it. i'm having a hard time concentrating because tony's watching jurassic park and let's face it; that movie rocks.

t-rex hugs!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i give!

k, well, i guess since ally and jared finally updated their blog, it would be shameful for me not to do the same. i wish i had cool news to share like that i'm pregnant or, better yet, engaged, but - alas! i don't. tony and i did however take a cool trip on a cruise boat with my dad and brother and some other people down the caribbean for a week, so we're still cool. because the aforementioned dad was on the trip we have about 878 billion pictures, a fraction of which i'll try and get posted here soon. most of them are awesome.

i guess i could just give a normal update about me and the boy, aka a normal blog post. this is WEIRD! i've never done this!

so tony is 21 and menacingly handsome and turns into a model or a president when he wears a suit he got tailored by a russian lady. when he's not wearing fancy pants he's covered in grease and owies from being a master diesel technician at the dealership formerly known as lapoint ford. his favorite food is anything mom or bill cooks, or spaghetti from a can. he's been playing the video game oblivion for hundreds of years now but my character is still a higher level than his. tony can also touch his toes and build center consoles out of wood.

i've been working at a little cafe since about august and it's better than telemarketing but not as good as being rich and not having to work. i'm nice to customers and do all my work but i'm still not allowed to have two meals a day. when i come home there's plenty of stuff for me to do like clean my room or shower, but i usually just wait for tony to come home so we can play or eat or tickle fight - three of our favorite things. we don't really have any other friends to hang out with, except some airsoft buddies we only see on not-too-cold saturday mornings, but that's okay because we're fun all by ourselves.

future plans include adventuring in southern utah, doing baptisms for the dead, working for jack bauer, going to the park, and eating pork barbacoa burritos from cafe rio.

if you wish to learn more about us you may send donations to my pocket. just kidding, a little. thanks for tuning in. i promise to have pictures of balmy atlantic beaches next time.