Sunday, March 15, 2009

it's so bedtime

i have the most wonderful and amazing boyfriend/best friend. he restored my desktop with internet! no more lappy for me. i am so in love with him and this computer.

i had a very good weekend. friday night tony and i ate kettle corn and partook in the finishing of our watching of the epic journey that is the lord of the rings. it made me want to go on an adventure, but tony reminded me that we don't have any cursed jewelery.

saturday was a very busy day, but it was the gratifying kind of busy. i've been so not busy lately. so we airsofted, got kicked out of our airsofting grounds by landowners and policemen, got jamba juice and arby's, played resident evil 5 at tingey's house with buddies, bought art supplies, and then came home and set up for a figure drawing thing i decided to have. which was a blast for me. not too many people showed up, but it was enough and honestly i'm not sure my house could fit that many more. i love friends! we talked and drew and ate cookies. tony saw ninjas that nobody else saw. and then after that we went to The Pie with some of my old highschool friends in honor of pi day. i would like to remind everyone that pizza is delicious and should be eaten as often as possible.

it was also a very good sunday. church was inspired and featured a musical number that will stay with me for a long time. plus joe, julia, and the munchkins came over for dinner and it made me happy to see them, especially with knowing that they may be moving further away maybe sometime soon. miri's giant smiles make my heart smile giantly.

but mostly i love my boyfriend. he is the greatest and best of all worlds, and i love him with all of my butt. i mean heart. plus, he teaches me how to drive a manual, so he's handy too.

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