Sunday, February 22, 2009

massive adventures of the saturday kind

yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, relatively warm day, so the boy and i decided to take advantage of it and do a little urban adventuring. first, we went and shot our friends up with some airsoft guns (or, rather, I got shot up, as usual, in my face, as usual. but i had an epically long hold out where i was the last surviving member of my team with an entire opposing team coming after me, which involved being stealthy in the woods and sprinting across open terrain and sliding down snowy embankments. sadly, i was taken down by an impossibly accurate shot to the chin through a completely fortified wall of branches. stupid people with better guns than mine.) that's always a fun way to start a morning.

after that we went home and indulged in some dreamy cafe rio leftovers.

and then, the junkyard.

tony needed some parts for his explorer from the pick-n-pull and i got to help. i am a master of extracting screws! i took out a glove box, and i helped with the rear windshield washer thingy, and i wielded an actual power tool to take out some screws to take out a headlight - although tony's job was way cooler cause he got to break stuff.

after that we went downtown and romped around for a bit. while passing temple square a man walking ahead of us with a suspiciously wide sway to his hips booed at the sister missionaries inside the gate. i thought it was rude, so we cheered at them as we passed. then we went to the gateway mall, peed in public bathrooms, made use of the food court, browsed some video games, and then got cold and began walking back to the car. at the last minute we decided to attempt catching trax, and i'm not sure i'll ever know why, but we figured it'd be a good idea to get on the train heading away from the car. at the first stop we realized we're retarded and got off and just freaking walked.

that's about it. i'm having a hard time concentrating because tony's watching jurassic park and let's face it; that movie rocks.

t-rex hugs!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i give!

k, well, i guess since ally and jared finally updated their blog, it would be shameful for me not to do the same. i wish i had cool news to share like that i'm pregnant or, better yet, engaged, but - alas! i don't. tony and i did however take a cool trip on a cruise boat with my dad and brother and some other people down the caribbean for a week, so we're still cool. because the aforementioned dad was on the trip we have about 878 billion pictures, a fraction of which i'll try and get posted here soon. most of them are awesome.

i guess i could just give a normal update about me and the boy, aka a normal blog post. this is WEIRD! i've never done this!

so tony is 21 and menacingly handsome and turns into a model or a president when he wears a suit he got tailored by a russian lady. when he's not wearing fancy pants he's covered in grease and owies from being a master diesel technician at the dealership formerly known as lapoint ford. his favorite food is anything mom or bill cooks, or spaghetti from a can. he's been playing the video game oblivion for hundreds of years now but my character is still a higher level than his. tony can also touch his toes and build center consoles out of wood.

i've been working at a little cafe since about august and it's better than telemarketing but not as good as being rich and not having to work. i'm nice to customers and do all my work but i'm still not allowed to have two meals a day. when i come home there's plenty of stuff for me to do like clean my room or shower, but i usually just wait for tony to come home so we can play or eat or tickle fight - three of our favorite things. we don't really have any other friends to hang out with, except some airsoft buddies we only see on not-too-cold saturday mornings, but that's okay because we're fun all by ourselves.

future plans include adventuring in southern utah, doing baptisms for the dead, working for jack bauer, going to the park, and eating pork barbacoa burritos from cafe rio.

if you wish to learn more about us you may send donations to my pocket. just kidding, a little. thanks for tuning in. i promise to have pictures of balmy atlantic beaches next time.