Friday, April 29, 2011

This is ranunculous.

I'm feeling bored today.  But bored in the sense that I want to do something.  I think Maya is too, because wherever I went in the house she managed to be sitting directly in front of my feet, so close to me that when she looked up she had to lean backwards.  And she had that expectant look on her face, you know how dogs do.  So I let her outside and stood on the deck and watched as she ran for about 20 minutes without stopping.  The sun was shining.  And then it started to snow.  INSULTINGLY.

I'm not doctor (aren't I?) but I just diagnosed us with Spring Fever.  Or maybe Cabin Fever.  I'm not sure if there's a difference.  It's probably for the best that I'm not a doctor.

My brain wants to do things but my body doesn't.  I was thinking I might want to crochet, but my fingers are feeling rather more atrophied than not today, so then I thought I might want to put on some music and clean the house, but...well, the mountains are looking very mountainous today, aren't they?  Full of rock, and hillside.  So you can see how my thinking is going these days.

I'm interested in flowers lately.  I like how when you go outside you smell not only just air, but also other things, things that seem pleasant and warm and colorful, and it takes you a moment to remember that flowers have a smell and that yes, you like flowers.  So I put them in my house.

Today would seem like a good day to wander a place where there are flowers you can buy and then plant in your yard.  They have stores like that, right?  Flower stores?  Do they ship?  Actually it seems like some sort of crime to me to have to buy flowers, so if anyone knows of a place I can go to just get flowers, would you please let me know?  If anyone has a rosebush they don't want anymore, I'll come with a shovel.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

House We Own Tour

As promised, albeit late, here's some true before pictures of our new house.  These were taken by I-don't-know-who, before we bought it.  We're still not even close to being fully moved in, but I was thinking of taking my own pictures with our own stuff in it anyway.  We got some paint swatches the other day to hang up everywhere to help us decide what colors we want, but I get the feeling painting is a ways off yet.

Anyhoodle, here's the front door.

Someone told me it looks like a gingerbread house, and I've learned I'm okay with that.  Most importantly, do you see the trees?  Trees are important things to have around. 

Here's the front from the other side, and our garage. (!)

Front/living room, and also the kitchen:

Our cabinets are green, and I'm pretty much in love with the kitchen.  The pictures don't show the windows that look on the backyard, but they're big and they're beautiful, and there's tons of light in there in the daytime.  Probably because we don't have curtains, anywhere.

I know pictures of empty rooms are boring and make no visual sense, but for the sake of documentation, here's our bedroom and the "extra" bedroom:

The paint color doesn't look too bad in these, but I promise it's dreadful in person.  It has this way of sucking up all the light and tricking your eyes into thinking they've gone colorblind, because there is no name for this color.  Mud Vomit?  Orc Skin?  The important thing is that everything is painted this color, and that includes the ceilings in the whole house.  Our desire to repaint is basically a living thing.

Last but not least, our very own backyard.  :)

It's funky in that it's long and narrow, and wonderful in that it exists.  It has grass and flowers and trees and a fence, and Maya is like a puppy reborn when she's running around in it.

So.  We have lots of plans, but since it's OUR house and we don't plan on going anywhere any time soon, we don't mind fleshing things out slowly.  And we love it. 

Toothaches and video games and such

I'm sorry for my lack of activity round these parts.  I've been more or less inhabiting this state of not wanting to flesh out any thoughts beyond Facebook status updates.  Sentences, people, not paragraphs.  This is the place I'm in at the moment. 

Speaking of the moment, I just tried out this oatmeal recipe found here for dinner, and I'm abouts ready to write a song in its praise even thought I don't know how to do that.  It's like if Christmas mated with a warm summer morning and also a hug. 

If you would like to know the reason I'm eating something mushy (so wonderfully, wonderfully mushy) for the dins, it's because one or more of the teeth in my mouth has turned into raw, exposed nerves.  At least that's what it feels like, and it's probably true to some degree.  It's been hurting for a while, but today I came home in tears because these things have a way of reaching a head.  I've got a dentist appointment for tomorrow with some dude I've never been to before cause my regular dentist is ON VACATION.  These things should not be allowed.  Neither should dental bills.  Anyway, seriously go and make that oatmeal, because it's frickin' tasty.

Tony's still hogging the tv, so I'm whiling away the time in the other room, listening to some Adele, some Cage the Elephant, some reggae and some Daft Punk, because what else are you gonna do?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you're like me, your husband bought Portal 2 on the day it came out (today) and has been hogging it and the tv and therefore the entire living room all day.  If you've never played Portal, you should know it's a puzzle game, and I ask you what is the joy of a puzzle game if it is not solving the puzzles on your own?  Exactly.  So I can't watch him play, I can't hang out with him, I can't even be within earshot.  Until he's done.
And however long that will be is just too long.


To kill my own time I'm sitting here sipping on some tea, realizing that I've officially stayed up later than I would have had I been playing my own game and I don't even know why.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Arts I Like

I don't have much to say at the moment.  But as matter of inspiration, I just updated my desktop background with an image I've loved long time from an artist I've loved long time.

Click for full-size.  Click this to see the artist, James Jean.

Happy saturday, folks.  We got a kitty, so I've been spending the morning pushing him off the keyboard.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Point of Random Interest

Just realized I've done two paintings which are basically the same.  (For people who art more often than I, this may not be a matter of import, but...well, I art seldom these days.)

Guess I'm trying to tell myself something?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Most Annoying Sound in the World

So, I decided to let you in on some of the fun we've been having.

Our fridge isn't broken in the sense that it's not keeping our food cold enough (which it is, barely), but in the sense that this is what it sounds like all day:

Oh Snap! I'm Back!

Well hello!

I was gone for a while.  If I lost any readers due to these weeks of inactivity, let me just say I don't blame you one bit.  In fact, as I scrambled within my alotted 30 minutes-per-weekday of internet time whilst our home computers were in boxes to get through all the daily posts of blogs I read, I had to cut back.  As in stop reading some of them.  Permanently.  And some of these were blogs I've been reading since the dawn of me reading blogs!  It's a little big of a big deal!  Okay so maybe more of a medium deal, unless you're talking to Tony, in which he would say "Blogs are stupid, hurr hurr hurr."

Anyway, where was I?  That's right, boxes.

People, we just moved into our new house.  And it's been a candy-filled boatride of adventure, LET ME TELL YOU.  Actually I don't want to tell you all about it, because a) it's probably boring for you and b) I'm sick of talking about it.  Suffice to say we bought what we thought was a house "in good condition" when actually it needs a new top and a bunch of new insides.  Right about now is when you start to wonder if maybe your sister deciding to go into Real Estate Law is in fact divine intervention?  (Hmmm!)  (Thanks Kari!!!!)

But that's enough of that.  I just realized I'm two paragraphs into this post and don't actually have any pictures of the new house ready to show to you.  Drat!  Here wait, lemme grab my phone. 

Calm down, I know it's exciting.  This is a picture of the chair in our living room in front of our window that does not have any covering of any kind on it, much like 90% of all the windows in the house.  (Sorry, neighbors!  Please don't mention that you've probably seen me naked next time you see me at church, k?) 

Like has been mentioned afore, much of our life is still in box form.  It seems the "settling in" process will be a protracted one.  As an example, I'm waiting to really start thinking about decorating because first we want to repaint everything because seriously you guys should see what color this place is painted.  I can only describe it as "bug throw-up."

The thing is, I miss blogging.  I know Tony probably thinks it's dumb, but the blog world makes me feel kinda connected and like I know people even though I'm shy and awkward in the real world, and there are some terribly hilarious people out there and ,you know, I like to laugh.  In other news, I like sunshine.