Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh Snap! I'm Back!

Well hello!

I was gone for a while.  If I lost any readers due to these weeks of inactivity, let me just say I don't blame you one bit.  In fact, as I scrambled within my alotted 30 minutes-per-weekday of internet time whilst our home computers were in boxes to get through all the daily posts of blogs I read, I had to cut back.  As in stop reading some of them.  Permanently.  And some of these were blogs I've been reading since the dawn of me reading blogs!  It's a little big of a big deal!  Okay so maybe more of a medium deal, unless you're talking to Tony, in which he would say "Blogs are stupid, hurr hurr hurr."

Anyway, where was I?  That's right, boxes.

People, we just moved into our new house.  And it's been a candy-filled boatride of adventure, LET ME TELL YOU.  Actually I don't want to tell you all about it, because a) it's probably boring for you and b) I'm sick of talking about it.  Suffice to say we bought what we thought was a house "in good condition" when actually it needs a new top and a bunch of new insides.  Right about now is when you start to wonder if maybe your sister deciding to go into Real Estate Law is in fact divine intervention?  (Hmmm!)  (Thanks Kari!!!!)

But that's enough of that.  I just realized I'm two paragraphs into this post and don't actually have any pictures of the new house ready to show to you.  Drat!  Here wait, lemme grab my phone. 

Calm down, I know it's exciting.  This is a picture of the chair in our living room in front of our window that does not have any covering of any kind on it, much like 90% of all the windows in the house.  (Sorry, neighbors!  Please don't mention that you've probably seen me naked next time you see me at church, k?) 

Like has been mentioned afore, much of our life is still in box form.  It seems the "settling in" process will be a protracted one.  As an example, I'm waiting to really start thinking about decorating because first we want to repaint everything because seriously you guys should see what color this place is painted.  I can only describe it as "bug throw-up."

The thing is, I miss blogging.  I know Tony probably thinks it's dumb, but the blog world makes me feel kinda connected and like I know people even though I'm shy and awkward in the real world, and there are some terribly hilarious people out there and ,you know, I like to laugh.  In other news, I like sunshine.


  1. boyfriends/husbands/most men dont get blogging. sometimes i try to compare it to their WOW/halo buddies. they still dont usually get it. lol

    congrats on the new house! i hope you settle in nicely! oh and get curtains! you dont want all of church seeing your hooch! <3

  2. Cori and Tony should be the best of friends, since they both seem to feel the same about blogginh. :\

    I'm always downsizing what I'm reading online. There are a lot of gems out there, really wonderful sites, but I spend waaaayyyy too much time online as it is and I'm learning: there is not enough time, I can't waste all my time in front of the screen. It's an elimination of distractions and it is hard, but necessary.

    Sorry your house ended up being a little bit less awesome than you were led to believe it was. :( That is not cool. On the plus side, we're neighbors! :D That should make up for a little bit, right? Right.

    You're awesome! :)

  3. With your skills you'll have window coverings in no time!! You are an amazing woman...I envy your sewing skills:)

    Congrats on the house! It turns out to be lots of fun to have a house of your own that you can do with what you please.