Thursday, February 24, 2011

Give me a house already.

Rule #1:  When cute little girls look up at you with arms outstretched and a "comfort me" look on their face, pick them up and cuddle them.

Rule #2:  Always aim her away from your body in case she throws up on you.

Addendum to Rule #2:  If you fail to do this, go home from work early because you smell like puke.

(I'm blogging about this because I have nothing else to talk about.)

Unless you want to see some pictures of our Happy Anniversary sushi date?

Perhaps my New Year's resolution should have been to try and get Tony to smile in pictures.

Anyway; 1 year down, at least 5 more to go.


P.S.  Suzy asked if I drew the header in my picture.  I did, in fact.  There's a link around here somewhere to my DeviantArt account if anyone's interested, though I don't claim to be amazing at the arts.


  1. oooOOOooohhh...going to snoop!

  2. at least 5 lol

    that sushi looks so good! makes me want some right now!

  3. Shush your face, you are totally good at the arts!! Great, even! :)

    Soo...I'm not a stalker, because Tony told me where the new housey is...and I drove past it today...and it is totally cute, and I love the color. :) I'm excited for you guys :)