Sunday, February 22, 2009

massive adventures of the saturday kind

yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny, relatively warm day, so the boy and i decided to take advantage of it and do a little urban adventuring. first, we went and shot our friends up with some airsoft guns (or, rather, I got shot up, as usual, in my face, as usual. but i had an epically long hold out where i was the last surviving member of my team with an entire opposing team coming after me, which involved being stealthy in the woods and sprinting across open terrain and sliding down snowy embankments. sadly, i was taken down by an impossibly accurate shot to the chin through a completely fortified wall of branches. stupid people with better guns than mine.) that's always a fun way to start a morning.

after that we went home and indulged in some dreamy cafe rio leftovers.

and then, the junkyard.

tony needed some parts for his explorer from the pick-n-pull and i got to help. i am a master of extracting screws! i took out a glove box, and i helped with the rear windshield washer thingy, and i wielded an actual power tool to take out some screws to take out a headlight - although tony's job was way cooler cause he got to break stuff.

after that we went downtown and romped around for a bit. while passing temple square a man walking ahead of us with a suspiciously wide sway to his hips booed at the sister missionaries inside the gate. i thought it was rude, so we cheered at them as we passed. then we went to the gateway mall, peed in public bathrooms, made use of the food court, browsed some video games, and then got cold and began walking back to the car. at the last minute we decided to attempt catching trax, and i'm not sure i'll ever know why, but we figured it'd be a good idea to get on the train heading away from the car. at the first stop we realized we're retarded and got off and just freaking walked.

that's about it. i'm having a hard time concentrating because tony's watching jurassic park and let's face it; that movie rocks.

t-rex hugs!

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  1. I don't blame you... Jurassic Park is irresistible. I'm loving having you back in blog mode. The wide webbed world was lacking your creative tales. Now was it a suspiciously wide sway or was it more of a gait? Both are telltale signs of misogynistic bigotry in male faces. (Rich says, "I'd boo them too. Have you seen the way they dress?") Ok, I'm back from punching Rich surprisingly accurately in the chin. Oh, and we need you and the boy here in Chico now! Or whenever you can make it. (Rich says, "And by boy, do you mean T-rex, and by T-rex do you mean money, and by money... can you give me some?) Rich is about to receive another precision punch to the face.