Monday, May 4, 2009

"100 ideas" -- a list for kayla happiness

sorry for a lack of posting lately. my computer's still broken so i've been leeching off of mom's and tony's laptop and it's just not as easy to get comfy for a blog post sitting at the kitchen table as opposed to my room.

but in need to come home and do relaxing, inspiring, stressless things today, i surfed some really neat and uplifting creative blogs today and found a list of 100 (to be) ideas for - i'm assuming - jumpstarting creativity. or getting yourself out of a rut. or something like that. but reading through it made me happy, so i decided i'm going to check off an idea a day or so, and i'll chronicle it here. if anyone wants to follow along and do them with me, i think that would be fun. some example ideas are to spend a day drawing only red things, or to list the smells in your neighborhood, or to draw a map of your favorite sitting spots in your city and then photocopy it and give it to people. isn't that just lighthearted enough to be motivational?

okay, so today's idea is:
#1. go for a walk. draw or list things you find on the sidewalk.


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