Friday, May 8, 2009

good morning

i've already spent more time online than intended, so i may as well write just a little. haven't yet written a letter to myself. i think i'm waiting to not have to think about it so hard, or waiting until i feel like thinking about it. i did make a list of quiet thrills the other day, and the notebook is sitting open-faced on my desk where the computer once lived.

it's been in my head lately that i need to read again. i used to be such a book lover. i still am, but my hands have been too preoccupied with movements and making things. yesterday i cross-stitched, after work and staying up late. cross-stitching is mindless enough to be relaxing and doesn't take much energy if it's a pattern you're following. the result is useless, but cute anyway.

if i'd shaved my legs i'd wear a dress today.

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