Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#2. write a letter to yourself in the future

at first i didn't want to do this one from the list. it sounded kindof lame and boring and i've already done it before. but i kept thinking about it and decided maybe i would like a letter from myself about this weird time in my life. i do keep a journal, but a letter might have a little different flavor, and maybe i can write it to myself like 50 years in the future so i'll completely forget about it and have a nice little surprise when i'm ancient.
we'll see. in the meantime, i enjoyed yesterday's thingie. i went on a walk barefoot and with my sketchbook and it was kindof rejuvinating. i don't really like that word, but it is how i felt while walking through parts of the neighborhood i don't usually pay attention to.

it was nice. happy little tuesday, everyone.

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