Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I think about.

So sometimes I sit and I think about things I want to do. Mostly it's just silliness and daydreaming. Or it's all silliness and daydreaming, most of the time.

But the thing is, I used to want to be a photographer. And every now and then I see real photographers' photographs and think "Well, I can probably do that."  (I probably can't. That's not the point, but next to it. It's beside it.)  But I have this thing where I don't like to do the same thing that a lot of other people are doing, and there are A LOT of photographers in Utah. (Maybe other places too? I just live here.)  I mean, I personally know 3.  Which seems like a high percentage to me, considering the number of people I actually know.

And the other thing is, I think a lot of photography - wedding, family, baby - is really boring. Even the cute stuff, there's just so much of it that even THAT is getting boring. 

So all of this is just a round about way of getting to me saying, Sometimes I think about being a photographer but I would only do totally weird, ridiculous, completely ultra non-traditional photography. If people wanted only all the classic poses they would know not to come to me. They would only come to me if they wanted a picture of them having a mud fight on their wedding day, or doing handstands in every picture, or...I don't know, that's all I can come up with. Told you I wouldn't be very good.

Which is why I'll never be a photographer.


  1. You should be my photographer at some point :D I would love it <3

    love, Lisa :D

  2. Would you take my familys pictures? ...we'll dress up in Star Wars costumes and have a light saber fight, just to keep it interesting for you. ;)

  3. But you should pursue that dream because you would stand out from the mundane! I am having a "wreck the dress" photoshoot in a few weeks and I want to have a mud fight! That sounds so fun.

  4. I totally feel ya on this Kayla.

    I'm going to school for letterpress, but Portland has a healthy letterpress community already, which is great! but if i wanted to be different... I need to move somewhere else.

    Wanna trade lives? I'll let you keep your husband lol

  5. You make a good point Kayla -- about things (not just photography) getting boring because there is so much of it. In my art classes I see some people go to shocking lengths to be noticed. Maybe they would have been the same in any time period? Anyway, some of the best advice I've received from art teachers: "There are no original ideas. It's all been done, so get over it and make your art --whatever that means to you."

  6. Honestly I think your kind of photography sounds way better than the norm.

    When you get the chance, you should check this out: