Thursday, January 13, 2011

Look! Blog post!

 Today I officially ditched Google Reader.  And let's face it, Google Reader was a good starter option, in the sense that it was my starter, but in the shadow of better, stronger, handsomer blog readers, well, it just doesn't look so impressive anymore, does it?  (Answer: no.)  So now I'll be going steady with Bloglovin.  I believe it's 500% less confusing and cluttered, and it also takes you directly to the Blog in Question to read new posts which really sealed the deal for me because the main thing I was so bummed out about with Google Reader was that I didn't get to see all the pretty blog designs people put so much effort into creating.  So, that's that.  Change is good.

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I have a real post up my sleeve (no I really do) but until I manage to wrestle it into the text  box, here's a quickie for you.

a.)  This song.  I like it.  This one too.  (Click those, they're links.)

b.)  Do you know Dawn?  You probably do, and you probably love her.  These days she tends to be sailing through a crap ocean, and wouldn't it be nice to send some love and happiness?  There's this thingy:

c.)  And to round out this jumbled mess of whatever, you can thank my dear friends Parker and Jessie for sharing these videos on Facebook:

You're welcome.

Oh, I forgot.  Today I was attacked by inspirational musings by some of my favorite bloggers.  This one by Ashley Ann was notable, aka I Loved It.


  1. TO be honest, this seems like kind of a hassle. Do people not know enough about the RSS feed that they need a middle-man website like this?

  2. This is the second post I've seen today about how amazing bloglovin is. I've been pretty opposed to it just because I don't like the icon with that odd looking woman...which is totally a valid reason, duh. Lol....maybe I'll have to check it out.

  3. I should probably start reading with bloglovin, too. I went to sign up for it a while ago, and someone from Europe signed up with my blog? Then I just kind of forgot about it, ha. Weiiiiiiiiiiird.