Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 Remember, how, sometimes, things have a point?  I do not.  Have a point, that is.  If my brain had a face, this is what it would be looking like lately:

Brains are confusing enough without faces.

I would like to announce, that now I have twenty-one (21) followers.  I'm sorry, I forgot to put enough exclamation points.  This should suffice: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why 21 people would want to read my blog, I may never know.  But I think it's dang cool.  If you all were here and we were in a hugging point in our relationships, I would hug each one of you.

I just remembered why my brain is blank.  My good friend Spencer lent me his copy of Dragon Age: Origins.  And there went my sleep.  The good part about getting so into a game that you habitually stay up late to play it, is that it gets beaten fast.  Now I'm done with it and feeling a little lost, like maybe a smoker would feel if they woke up one morning and there were no more cigarettes in the world, anywhere.  Maybe that's a bad example.
Anyway, to counter the sudden re-uprising of adventurousness that game gave me before it cruelly left my life, and since there aren't actually any orcs to slay in the world, I've decided to read The Lord of the Rings for the first time.  
So far, so good, though I'm not sure whether this will actually help or not.  With the adventure cravings.  (Probably it will just make them worse.)


Oh!  Before I forget, do you remember that Exciting Mixdisc Swap I did a few months back?  Well, the coolest of the cool girls Natalie is doing another one!  Yay!  Go sign up!


  1. Your face is how my brain feels too! Oh, thesis. Why must you sit there... wanting to be written... when all I want to do is have fun.

    Also, yay for the mixdisc swapper-oo!

  2. at least 21 people read your blog because you are so adorably genuine and funny. this is fact, im sure its written somewhere totally legit like wikipedia. ok maybe not, but it is a fact.

    the worse part about finishing a game is when its over. i have that problem with really good tv shows that are no longer in the making. oh addiction, youre so much fun. ha. jk.

  3. I am not technically a 'follower' due to my inability to truly socially connect but I do have to say I have enjoyed reading...