Saturday, January 29, 2011

Random is all I got

I am currently suffering from Shopper's Exhaustion.

Tonight I realized some cardinal rules about shopping that I was going to tell you about, but I forgot what they were.  Bring Tylenol?  Don't go jeans shopping when you're having a fat day?  I dunno.  If you can think of any, put 'em in the comments so I can have something to giggle at.

Tony is outta here for the weekend, so I had all day to myself to do whatever I dang well pleased.  I went snowboarding in the morning, and then I got a machaca burrito from Molca Salsa on the way home because that's just what you do.  And then I went to the mall way across town to go to Forever 21 and you know what?  Forever 21 and I were, for whatever reason, not on the same wavelength today.  I got some jewelery because, hello, $1.50?  Okay.  And then I tried on jeans at American Eagle and the very first pair I tried I liked, and the second pair were a bit too small around so I asked the people for a bigger size, and turns out I was trying on boy jeans.  So they brought me the girl equivalent of the jeans I was trying on without even asking me, and you know what?  I liked the boy jeans better, except they weren't stretchy.  And when you've got to be at kid-level all day, trust me that you NEED some stretchy jeans.  

So there was that.  

Then I went to two (2) Barnes and Nobles because the first one did not have a music section.  Can you believe that?  The second one, fortunately, did (I began to doubt whether it was normal to have one, and suffered brief panic when I thought maybe NONE of the Barnes and Nobles have a music section anymore?) and I finally got my very own Cat Power cd.  I'm listening to it now, and it's doing wonders for my soul.

Target is a fun store.  I got a decorative pillow.  My first!  Which reminds me, we got a chair!  I want to take pictures to show you, because it's so ugly but so comfy and now it has a pillow to pretty it up.

Maya just sighed as though to let me know she didn't appreciate my being gone all day. 

My this post got wordy.  Here's one of our engagement pictures for you to aww at.


  1. Aww!

    Also, dude pants are fantastic. I love boy jeans! I also like guy's t-shirts because the sleeves are longer...

  2. AWWW. that picture is adorable. very.