Monday, September 15, 2008

the world is a mess...and i just need to rule it.

video share for the day:

also, i would like to share my love for the deseret industries and thrift stores in general, because they allow me to buy armfuls of bedsheets to use for fabric for like $2 a piece. it makes me feel resourceful and recyclatory, and like a motherfrickin genius even though most other seamstresses-on-a-budget do it too.

we got home at 4 am this morning from being in chico for the weekend. i wish i had pictures, but my camera ran out of batteries in like the first five minutes so you'll have to use your imagination. we were there for tony's priesthood ordination. he was ordained into the aaronic priesthood and everybody almost cried.

and now, some towely supervillains.

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  1. Bad Horse would definitely dig your evil towel get-up. Loved the show...I laughed, I cried, I made a terrible whinny... you got nothing on me Bad Horse. Thanks for sharing. We need to get the soundtrack in kareoke form. Mal was quite impressive as Captain Hammer. I may put his face on a shirt of my own. I'm so glad you're blogging again. It puts you one step closer to ruling the world.

    Freeze ray! Tell all your friends!