Thursday, June 16, 2011

I am always right.

Once upon a time, we got married and needed a couch.  So we bought a used one, for $70, and it was hideous.

 Then we bought a house, and decided we should be sophisticated and try to not have anymore very ugly furniture -- only marginally ugly.  So we decided to move the Old Couch down into the basement (which is another issue ENTIRELY.  Tony wants to turn our small, cold, stony, leaky, smelly, spidery, horror-movie-set of a basement into a guest bedroom/hang out spot, and well have you seen our basement??  No, probably not.  I should take a picture to show you except the picture wouldn't turn out because you can't take pictures of ghosts, which is what I'm pretty sure our basement is, primarily.)

Anyway, the conversation went something like this:

Tony: I want to put the couch in the basement.
Me: WHY.
Tony: Because I could play video games down there!
Me: A demon will possess you if you spend more than 10 minutes down there at a time.  Also spiders will bite you.
Tony: You are a weirdo.
Me: Need I remind you how you made me go with you to turn out the basement light after we moved in because you were too scared to go alone?
Tony: Help me put the couch in the basement.
Me: It's not going to fit.
Tony: Yes it is.

Tony: It's going to fit.

Tony: I promise it's going to fit.

Tony: ALRIGHT.  You win.  Help me pull it up.
Me: I can't, I have to document how much this couch was never going to fit in the basement.

Tony: Now it's a fort!

This pen we've never seen before emerged from the depths of the couch after all the severe jostling it went through.  We've had the couch for a little over a year and never discovered it before.  I wonder what else is hiding in there.

At any rate, we moved in a futon we had from another room and now our living room is looking much better, in my opinion.  I told Tony he could put some folding chairs in the basement.

No part of the house is completely put together yet, but I prettied up the living room bookshelves a little.

And here's some paper carnations I made, using muffin liners.  Probably the easiest thing in the world, and very pretty.

I love these little adventures so much I could puke.


  1. Muahahahaha, boys are so silly. I hope one day I have a cute husband who will do silly things.

    Those paper carnations??? How??? TEACH ME! youre house is adorable, love the accessories! The pillows are adorable!

  2. First of all, thanks to Tony for being hilarious. "Now it's a fort"! Yay for boys who think they know everything and then give us something to laugh at when they're wrong!
    Also, who knew a futon could look so good? Wish I could come over and see how pretty you're making things. But really, if it makes you feel any better, you should see my place. What. A. Wreck. It never ends.....
    If you're still feeling blah-ish, might I suggest a road trip? I'm pretty much suggesting it to everyone, until someone takes the bait, you know? (Just because I'm suggesting it to everyone does not make you less special, because you are the specialest. Period.)

  3. OOOo! I want a tutorial on paper carnations pronto. LOVE them. Also, don't you love it when you're right and the husband is wrong? Taking pictures of the event is even better. kudos to YOU. :)