Monday, December 24, 2012

8 stinkin months already

Right now James is screaming in his crib, overtired and furious about it.  Screaming is his new favorite thing.  Really loud, all of a sudden, with his body all tensed up.  It's not all angry screaming; usually it's just for fun.  (Mom and dad do not think it's fun.)

Anyway, I'm hoping he'll give up and sleep soon, but it's more likely that I'll give up and go snuggle him to sleep.  In an effort to hold out, I'm distracting myself with this post.  Here are some pictures of a grumpy and hungry and - I think - teething, but still sweet and loved 8 month old.

(Dad popped in to say hi for a second.)

This face makes me laugh.

It's getting really difficult to take these full-body shots now.  He's just too big.

I almost didn't include this picture, but I loved how the camera focused just on his two little teeth.

He's crawling now!  And these last two shots make me smile.  I was trying to be cute and get both of us, but he wanted to eat my face.

We are so excited for our first Christmas with Jamesy Boy - the space under our tree is literally packed with presents from grandparents, which if it's any indication of how future years will be makes me a little concerned about how I'm going to teach the true meaning of Christmas, but I guess for this year it's okay to go crazy.

As I mentioned above, James started crawling just a few days ago.  My pride knows no bounds.  He's been getting up on his hands and knees since forever it seems like, and trying and trying to figure out how to move on them, and he finally figured it out and it's just the coolest.  I love watching him try to coordinate his limbs and scramble forward.  It's not what I would call graceful - he kindof looks like a drunk or injured spider - but it is adorable.

Well, I know for sure that I won't do any special blogging for Christmas, so I'll just wish y'all a merry one right now.  Do not skimp on the cookies and such.


Edited to add:  I gave up, and James spent a peaceful night in the prime real estate of our bed.  Merry Christmas, little buddy.

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  1. Awww Love the pics with you even if he is eating your face lol so cute! AND CRAWLING AND TEETH!?!!?!!? Whhhhhhat. How is he this old already? Crazy talk.

    You are such a good mama thinking about the real meaning of Christmas! My dad got all emotional last night (he's still on a lot of pain medicine) and told my brother and I he has everything he wants because he has good hearted children. Pssshhhh fine dad. I'll take back your bottle of Jack Daniels lol

    Merry Christmas Kayla, Tony and James!