Thursday, June 20, 2013

Where I blog again after another Forever of not blogging.

I'm bad at maintaining. I don't know why. I think it's another one of those classes everyone else seems to have gone to that I inexplicably missed, like how to do hair and how to understand what being graded on a curve means.

It's very frustrating for me, and I think it makes me look like an entitled sissy who's always had everything done for her so she never had to learn how. Maybe I am that. I'm the youngest of 10, so it wouldn't be a totally wild guess. But I don't feel that it's entirely accurate. I know how to do things. I can take care of myself, kinda, and I can stand up for myself (or at least I'm learning to.) Okay, so maybe it is entirely accurate.

What I mean by all this is my fridge is always empty, or near enough to it.  I worry about spending too much money on food (on EVERYTHING), and so when I do fill it up it just slowly gets empty again. And we have nothing fun or interesting to eat, and come dinner time I stare dumbly into the vast fridgey cavern and have no clue what to do so my family won't starve. And the thought of having to grocery shop and KEEP GROCERY SHOPPING FOREVER makes me very, very stressed. The same thought applies to showering, and other things that have to be done, by nature, repeatedly.

Do they have a class for this? Like, at a college? That I can take? Someone sign me up, because I probably couldn't ever get around to doing it myself. Help!


  1. packing the fridge is kinda hard sometimes. I hate grocery shopping, but I've been planning two weeks worth of dinners, menu's that all have similar ingredients but are different enough so we don't feel like we're eating the same thing every night. so i really only have to go to the gorcery store like twice a month, and it helps keep the bill down. Having a toddler who likes to snack, I usually splurge at costco every once in a while and get snacky foods for Blake. Don't know if that will help, but its helped me be better about planning for dinner, I write down all the meals for those two weeks and pick one the morning of so I can get anything out that needs to thaw or what not

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