Tuesday, November 13, 2007

i carry cap guns in my purse

i do. i think halloween is a fantastic holiday because it gives me an excuse to spend money on fake pirate pistols and lacy garters with miniature gun holsters built into them. i'm reminded of this every time i look in my purse to get something and see a gun. because i put it in there and forgot about it. because of course a pirate captain would carry an old navy purse with her to halloween parties; where else would she keep her spare eyepatch and cell phone?

so, this is my blog. welcome to it. before we get into all the great things i have to say about stuff and stuff, i probably need to explain some things.

firstly, don't ask me to explain the title. i simply can't. but isn't it true?

secondly, if you hadn't already noticed, i don't capitalize much. of anything. even ed harris didn't warrant a capitalization of his proper noun-being self. it's nothing personal, and it's not just a long-running typo; it's an artist's quirk, if you will. everyone is allowed at least one of those. (unless you're actually an artist. then you get, like, dozens.)

thricely... uh, i don't really have great things to say about stuff and stuff. maybe occasionally something epiphanesque will jump in and be like "i'm here! i validate this entire blog!" but don't expect it.

and lastly, i make up words.

there you go. :)

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