Monday, November 26, 2007

le deuce!

the thing i love most about being in college and not in highschool is that i don't have to actually go to class. and i have a car. and friends. but that's beside the point.

we got home from las vegas at about midnight last night and spent another half hour unloading the car and then i spent about another half hour sitting on my floor doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the fact that i was no longer in the car, driving. sometimes complete stillness is the best movement. while i was sitting there re-centering myself, i decided it would probably be a good idea to check and see if i have any homework due soon. so i reach for my trusty school notebook and open up to my first class tomorrow and discover much to my delight that yes, i do have homework due soon. in the morning, in fact. this discovery makes my brain shut down and i lose consciousness.

morning comes, robed in a blanket of bitter cold, which i always take as a sign that it's okay to stay in bed a little longer after my alarm goes off. (can you blame me? i mean, what better way to inform someone that the conditions beyond the bedframe are hazardous to their well-being and that they should remain beneath the covers than to throw a layer of frost down on the carpet? i listen to what i'm told.) anyway, yadda yadda yadda, forty minutes later i fully wake up and resolve to start and finish that project that's due. it won't really matter if i miss the class, as long as i turn the project in by the end of the day. hopefully. so i scramble to take some photographs and acquire some photo paper and set up my printer and cut mat without a mat cutter and shlikt* the sloppy-but-finished project off to school. in truth, it went pretty smoothly -- save the twenty minutes i had to wait for a lehi officer to come open my door because i locked the keys in my truck while getting gas. *chuckle* oh, i just do this kind of stuff for fun.

(that whole waiting for a lehi officer for twenty minutes thing is a joke, by the way, or should be. i know full well that there are at least 6 million lehi officers parked on every side street with nothing better to do than give people speeding tickets, so why it should take 8 years to rescue a poor girl who locked her jacket in the car as well as her keys is a freaking mystery.)

anyway, that's the manner in which my day has gone down so far. i have to go to work in half an hour which means i won't shower because i used that time to write this blog, so rest assured that at least my priorities are entirely in order.

*shlikt is a word my sister-in-law jodi and i once saw in a comic book to describe the sound of a scimitar cutting through kobold flesh, but we thought it should have other uses. basically it means whatever we want it to.

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