Tuesday, April 15, 2008


so i may not be married. i may not have adorable kids (let alone pictures of them) and i may not be off having adventures with the aforementioned family i don't have. i may not even have my own house.

but i still deserve a blog, dangit!!

i guess. or whatever. what? so i dyed my hair tonight, after having to run back to wal-mart for another box when i opened the box i bought earlier only to discover the actual hair dye was missing. yay for extra laytex gloves! i saw some lady blow a tire on the freeway today in almost the exact spot where i blew mine last week, and i was going to stop and help her out because nobody stopped to help me, but i couldn't change lanes in time and i had an appointment to go to anyway. so, if anyone knows a lady who got stranded on the side of the freeway today, tell her i'm sorry!

aaand that's basically all my interesting news. my chair is squeaky.


  1. Kayla you are awesome. By the way, we have a blog now.... I sent you an e-mail inviting you to be a reader so go ahead and accept it! We love you!

  2. So I was sitting here pondering which would be the better nickname for our upcoming boy...Darty or Sparky since Darth Sparkles is the predicted winner of the contest when it occurred to me that a creative mind such as yourself must have a blog...or as my grandma calls it "a blob." I searched and lo and behold found this hidden gemstone in the w. wide web of the written word. I concur with the Ed Harris statement. You know who would look weird without hair...Steve Martin. What a funny looking man he would be. I'll work on that in photoshop. On a side note, I'm delighted to see you are appropriately utilizing the word "shlikt." This pleases me much. Also, if you'd like to dye your hair a deep shade of purple I can recommend an excellent color kit from Safeway.