Tuesday, May 6, 2008

steve martin would look weird without hair

so true.

ugh... do you ever have those days where it seems like everything sucks for no reason? from the moment you wake up: everything sucks. i'd go into a lot of detail about which things suck most and why and how and how it makes me feel, etcetera, but i think that'd just be depressing. so, suffice to say, today sucked for no reason.

i didn't sleep very well last night, so that could be a factor. i woke up and immediately slumped downstairs to sit in front of the tv with a bowl of raisin bran (which sucked). only sucky things were playing but i watched anyway, and i had needed to shower last night but didn't so i was feeling increasingly filthy and sucky and my soul was being eaten alive by crappy tv, so i decided i needed to go do something.

(insert 60 minutes of getting ready/deciding what to do time here)

i got dressed, jumped into my truck, rolled down both the windows and turned the radio up enough for all my neighbors to hear (classic rock, booyah) and started to drive. think no directions, just drive. it was really warm today, and it felt amazing. i ended up discovering a parking lot and some bike/walking trails in saratoga springs, so i parked and sat for a while, then decided to go for a walk. the trail was wide and paved for a while, but as it wound into a little grove of trees it turned into dirt and rock -- which was ideal, really. i felt like adventuring. i had to forge a tiny place where the stream overflowed across the path, and then i off-roaded it a little and discovered a hot spring. a hot spring! so random! the air smelled like sulfur and there was heat bubbling up from the bottom of this little pond; it was kindof eerie. then some people started to emerge out of the bushes and i ran away cause i figured they were planning on abducting me, but it was a nice mini-adventure. just what i needed.

i'm desperately hoping tomorrow will be better. i'll post some pictures of another dress i made, and i'll try and stay positive.

but first, i'll leave you with this.

go. see. iron man.


  1. That sucks about your pronky day. I would have shlikted around all day too. I feel that way every day I wake up and realize I'm too big and pregnant to do anything. I'm excited about Iron Man now. Yea.. something to enjoy before Indiana Jones comes out!

  2. Try Wanted, it was fun and kicks butt.