Thursday, May 1, 2008

good morning, lehi

that discovery channel video i posted yesterday has been stuck in my head, and stuck good. it makes me excited for life. i really do love the whole world, too! i love seashells and sunshine, and indiana jones and root beer floats (boomdiyada, boomdiyada). i'm really wanting to plan some epic trip somewhere, like to a state i've never been or someplace way exotic. anyone wanna hit up easter island with me? i'd be happy just to drive to moab for a weekend.

just let me know.

i've gone sewing mad, i think. i can't stop; it's addicting. i reconned a gigantic button-down shirt i found for 4 bucks at old navy the other day into this little thing:

and i bought some way awesome fabric for $2/yd at wal-mart yesterday which is quickly becoming yet another dress. hooray for no school!

...yeah i'm gonna go sew now. :)


  1. Kayla! Yet another reason to love the blogosphere.

    Wanna race and see who gets to Easter Island first? ::grin:: (It is totally on my top ten list, but I still have Machu Picchu and the Great Wall on top. Not to mention that whole little plan to live somewhere where I can finally learn Spanish.) Be sure and add Angkor Wat to your list. Cambodia is beyond amazing.

    And I LOVE the video below. I'm totally stealing that for my blog.

  2. Make sure you patent that one! Great job Kayla! Seriously, I think you could sell it for big bucks!

  3. Ok.. you are so amazing! First lavender muffins and now this dress... love it! Maybe sometime you can help me fulfill my dream of sewing a dress with a hood. Oh... and I baked my first muffins this last weekend. Yeah, I bake now.

  4. Ohh, that's a nice dress. I also buy cloth at walmart except I end up sitting on it and it gathers dust. I should go and sew now,