Monday, June 4, 2012

Spiders & baby talk

I'm having a semi-unexpected day off today, so naturally I've gotten about 5% of the things that I wanted to get done, done.  Currently, Jamesy James and I are sitting on the couch waiting for the pest control guy to show up to spray for bugs again.  We have ants, people.  Ants and spiders.  The other day I saw a big ol' fatty mama spider who's spider belly was full of spider babies outside my backdoor, and I almost smashed her.  Because that's what you do with spiders, right?  Who's with me.  But then I remembered how much I appreciated not being squished by people who thought I was gross and annoying when I was pregnant, and well I just couldn't bring myself to murder a whole family, no matter how creepy.  But then several nights later I was up feeding James and wouldn't you know if I ran into that same mama spider again, only now she was outside my bedroom door.    This time I promptly flushed her and all her spider babies down the toilet because she was obviously infringing on my hospitality and I thought it terribly rude.  There is a code, ladies, and spiders in the bedroom clearly violates it.

So anyway, as far as babies go there's this cute human one that's been hanging around lately, and we've been having all kinds of conversations.  They've gone something like this (beware: adorableness ahead):

(I know it's sideways, but heck if I know how to fix it.)

He was jabbering up a storm before I pulled the camera out.  And tell you what, I never expected to pop out a kid who liked to make noise just for the fun of it.  That is so not like me, nor his daddy.  But I'm loving it to pieces.  Oh the fun we are having with 1 month old.  We just sit and stare at his big sweet mouthed toothless grins and squeaky squeaks and baby coos, and at least for my part I'm completely content. Better than primetime, he is.

In other news, the three of us packed up our stroller and went to the zoo on saturday.

Oh how I love the zoo.  Seeing the animals and exhibits makes me instantly feel like a kid again.  When I worked at the daycare fieldtrips to the zoo were my favorite, because toddlers make everything more fun.  I can't wait until James is old enough to really get into stuff like that.  We will have even more adventures then.

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