Saturday, June 23, 2012

Where is that dang pause button.

This is James at 1 week and 2 months, respectively, and I'm trying to wrap my mind around it. Oh how I love these chubby little cheeks, but oh how I miss that tiny little newborn.  I miss his unfocused eyes and his misshapen head (well, more misshapen), and I miss how his left hand would always be turned palm-out, and darn it all if I don't miss the frail, oh-gosh-I-hope-I-don't-break-him part of the newborn stage.  I never thought I'd say this, but I could be the mother of newborns forever.  I could wake up 3 times every night and soldier through every scream-filled diaper change if I could just snuggle that teensy baby body forever.

I knew from the moment he was born that life would move too fast.  It seems so unfair; I spent my first year as a nanny of a newborn thinking that each month, each milestone couldn't come fast enough.  I couldn't wait for Missy Moo to be bigger, stronger, more independent.  But with James it's seemed that since they first laid him on my belly, all red and complaining, that time has moved with frightening speed.

This post by Nat the Fat Rat just about sums it up.

I know I should probably be trying to write more at this time in life, to record all the things I don't want to forget.  I'll try, but it's hard to pull myself away from experiencing James firsthand.  I only get to smell and kiss and cuddle him as a baby for a limited time.  (We have family in town this weekend and it's been difficult to share.)

But I will try to keep y'all updated adequately.  Like how the new thing is crying when he gets laid down because he doesn't want to be alone, and even more exciting: toy-batting!   Stay tuned.


  1. He. is. adorable. GAHHHHHH.

    Whenever I'm hanging out with my friend's little girl I just wanna hog her all to myself. I just love babies. They're so adorable and sweet and the greatest thing ever, haha.

    Don't worry about not recording things & stuff, enjoy being with him! That's the best thing of all. :)

  2. Why do you think I want so many babies, and keep having them as close as I do? I want a newborn near me as often as possible. I would be so happy to have a newborn constantly. It seriously is wonderful.
    And I absolutely understand the having-a-hard-time-sharing thing. I even have a hard time sharing my brand new babies with their dad. I know that they need to bond and get to know each other, too, but I just want to hold and love on that tiny little thing forever.
    It is sad that babies grow, and that they grow so fast. (My first baby turns 5 in less than 2 weeks!) But there is a lot of fun and joy that comes from the growing. Just you wait, it's always different, and you'll always miss the time that's past, but it really does keep getting better. :)

  3. He's so precious. I love his eyes. I need to come up and meet the cute one!

  4. I feel the same way about babies. When each one of my children were born, I felt as if time was just slipping right through my fingers. I never wanted to put them down or be away from them for even a minute because I was afraid I'd miss something. It's so sad how fast they grow up, but each age and stage brings new excitement, new thrills, new experiences that we wouldn't get to share in if our kids stayed tiny. It's nearly crippling me to have a daughter starting school in *yikes!* 4 weeks and 2 toddler boys while longing for a 4th pregnancy. Enjoy that precious boy as much as you can, and just try not to blink! :-)