Wednesday, October 17, 2012

All-or-nothing bullhonkey

I've been feeling lately like our culture has this ridiculous all-or-nothing trend, and I don't like it.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  If you can't do, or have, or be something all the way, then don't even try.  Like, if you already know that you can't or won't commit to eating a 100% healthy diet, then resign yourself to eating nothing but junk food.  Isn't that ridiculous?  If you know you're not going to be a marathon runner, then don't bother even going for a jog now and again.  These are all coming out health and fitness, but I'm sure there are other examples you can think of. 

I refute this all-or-nothing notion.  I think it's silly.  You don't have to eat nothing but kale and flax and other healthy-sounding foods (spEE-nok!) all day every day.  But if you remember to eat it sometimes then you're that much healthier than you were before.  Keep your midnight bowls of ice cream, just have an avocado too.  Then maybe eventually you'll do it more and more.

I'm sure this is not a revolutionary idea, but it's been stuck in my brain the last few weeks.

I am not what experts would probably consider a "really healthy person".  I mean, I'm not obese or sickly, but I'm not fit in any sense.  The most exercise i usually give myself is going up and down stairs to do laundry a few times a day.  (Plus the wiggly 20-pound free weight I carry to and from the car.)  But lately I've been trying to be healthier; to think healthier, if you will.  Just small things.  I'm focusing on eating more fruits and vegetables - not necessarily trying to eliminate the crappy things I eat, but by focusing on the healthier foods I end up eliminating some of the less-healthy stuff anyway.  And a new friend is inviting me to go to Jazzercise at the community center once a week with her.  Yes, Jazzercise.  Yes, I've thought about wearing neon legwarmers.  It's fun, and it gets me moving, and I like it. 

And that's my rant.  The end.

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  1. every time i see the jazzercise sign by my parents house, i want to stop, pose next to it and send you a picture. clearly i dont have the guts to do it. hah.