Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two months away and I'm already panicking.

I would like to put forth the proposition that men are infinitely more difficult to shop for than women.  Seriously, WHAT do you buy them?  Etsy suggests men want: beer-flavored soap (to suck on?), ironic vintage knick-knacks (to decorate with?), big bulky rings (for punching?), something to wear for an elegant night out i.e. a tie or cuff links (because guys love dressing up in uncomfortable clothes to go do things they don't want to do.)

Okay so maybe just my guy is hard to shop for.  A bar of novelty soap - however interesting and/or delicious smelling - would gather dust somewhere, as would a knick-knack of any kind.  My guy does hard, dirty, non-delicate work with his hands and I'm pretty sure the only ring he's going to tolerate is his wedding band.  (I mean, how many guys actually like wearing rings anyway?  Like, to accessorize with.  You know?)  We're church-going folk so a tie is something that would get worn on a fairly weekly basis, but you can buy a man only so many ties.  Cuff links would be a complete waste of money and wit, if they were the witty kind.

When I think of gifts for guys I feel they must be a) practical, b) useful, c) not something that screams "Ugh I wish you were a girl!", and d) not something that's really for me.  And also meaningful.  As with any gift.

This is why very few people ever receive gifts from me.  Not because I don't care, but because I can't freaking come up with anything good.

*sigh*  It's a problem.


  1. i AGREE.
    luckily, my guy loves music. who is easier to buy for than a music-lover?
    some other good guy gifts, i've found, are things like a good backpack, or a wallet, or a date where HE gets to pick the movie.

  2. What are his hobbies? I've had to create a list. Dave cooks, fishes, hunts, likes wolves. So most of my gifts have had something to do with one of those. Likewise a nice jacket or gun shooting supplies or refils are nice too. See if there is something he really likes but is running out of and get him that.

  3. I guess you could say I totally won when I married the guy who is happiest to get.....nothing! I don't have all that pressure on me to find "the perfect gift." I fought it at first, but this year I decided to give him what he wants. What a relief!