Saturday, April 14, 2012

Due Date

Today is April 14th.

Today, this baby is "due".

I bring it up because it's an actual day with a date and everything, but you know, it's still just a guess.  I always promised myself I wouldn't be that person freaked out and impatient because my due date didn't produce a baby.

But it's still a fairly accurate measure of when we can expect this kid to come, so I feel like I should observe it.  Like a one-time holiday.

I had more contractions Wednesday night, but nothing since.  Tony really wanted him to be born on Friday the 13th, but it came and went without so much as a tease.  It's okay though, we still have Tax Day and 4/20 as possible birthdays.

Today I got dressed and went shopping for some last-minute things, like a diaper bag.  And even here at the very end of 9 months, buying a diaper bag still made me feel like an old soccer mom, just a bit.  I had to make a promise to my purse to still take it on dates and things to make myself feel better.

Here's a couple pictures I tried to take of myself, on my due date.  We have a tripod, but posing for a camera on a tripod makes me feel basically completely ridiculous, don't you agree?

I also bought a couple of nursing bras, and like a tard went and took my dang necklace off in the changing room and then straight up forgot it there.  Boo.

Anyway, I found these two pictures on another memory card today.  I took them the day I found out I was pregnant.  Thought I'd leave them here for comparison.  Can you see the mixed emotions?  I can.  I can definitely see the fear, shock, wonder.  Mostly fear, though.  I feel like I've come so far since then, but I still feel all those things.

Wish me luck for when the real party begins!  My next post might be introducing you to someone little.  Or it might be about brownies.  You never know.


  1. Hah, love this post! I remember when you texted me that you were pregnant and I was SO excited for you. lol

    I am also extremely jealous that you managed to stay gorgeous through out this entire pregnancy. Not fair Kayla, get fat like the rest of us will.

  2. ^^^ haha ^^^

    I can't decide if I'd be happier with your next post being about James or brownies. I think I'd just be happy either way, because both sound really good. (So funny to me, how sweets seem wonderful.. in theory. But I still mostly don't want them ;)

  3. Hope everything goes well! Will be thinking of you & looking forward I meeting the little person on your blog soon! X