Friday, April 13, 2012

Love Letter To My Wedding Ring

Dear Ring,

From the moment my eyes met your sparkly, sparkly diamonds, it was love.  Before you, there were only half-imagined dreams of half-imagined rings; after you, there was only blissful ignorance that any other rings existed.  You filled the baguette-shaped hole in my heart I never knew I had.

These days without you have been lonely.  Lonely like leaving my favorite sweatshirt at a friend's house; lonely like going to eat the last brownie only to remember I already ate it earlier.  My finger feels lost and naked, exposed to the cruel world without your 14 karat embrace.  Curse these prenatal knuckles!  A pox on these slightly fatter fingers!  For they force me to part with my sweet ice, my hard candy, my pavé-set ice rink.

But soon, soon we shall be together again.  You, with your gold re-whitened and your rocks polished.  Me, with my extremities cured of their water retention.  I promise to intend and then forget to take you off before I use lotion, and then I promise take you to the jeweler's to get cleaned bi-annually.  Or at least annually.  You know how it is.

'Til then, my beloved, know that I am feeling uncomfortable without you, and like I'm always forgetting something when leaving rooms.

With undying love and affection,



  1. bahaha. That is one beautiful ring. And a beautiful letter to your ring, hah!

  2. This is a very heartfelt letter. :) Your metaphors made me smile. I’m sure when the time is right, you and you’re wedding ring would be back together again. There’s always the right time for everything, you just have to be patient. :)

    Rochel Faltus

  3. Haha, it seems you're really missing your ring! So, are you back together now? I connected with you when you said this: "My finger feels lost and naked." Sometimes, I feel that too when I forget to wear my ring.


  4. Oh, if I were the ring, I would definitely hug you for all the love and sweet messages you gave me. Hahaha! It’s so touching! ;) Your love letter made me feel like the ring is a real person. Haha. Well, I’m hoping that you and your ring are together now! :))