Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just another little update

Hullo everyone.  Been a while.  Tony and I are lounging in our matching recliners watching a show on Netflix about corn and the many strange things scientists make corn do, so what a perfect time to dump all my thoughts and goings-on with you, thought myself.  James is napping on the big bed (I knew you were wondering.)

By the way, this corn thing is fascinating.  It's making my starch tooth tingle.  Oh how I love my starchy foods.  Grits mixed with scrambled eggs has been my comfort breakfast this week and I'll make no apologies for it.  That's the rule about comfort food.

So this past Wednesday my baby became a 3-month-old, and it's with mixed emotions I say I'm okay with it.  As preposterous as it is that only yesterday he was a squeaky, eyelashless 1-day-old, I feel a little less surprised at his bigness at this milestone than previous ones.  His eyelashes have been long and luxurious for a while now, and he still squeaks just at higher volumes.  Fingers are the flavor of the day.

And lately this little rascal thinks he wants to roll over, but I think he's just impressed with his own cleavage.

Other new things are almost-laughing, scooting backwards on the couch, high-pitched squeals just for the fun of it, grabbing hanging toys and trying to get them into the mouth, sudden, uncontrollable crying fits when he's hungry NOW for some reason, and smiling at me really cute-like from the carseat when I drag him mom-shopping after work.  (Mom-shopping is dubbed as such to distinguish it from normal grocery shopping, for mom-shopping is the fun kind of shopping when mom gets pretty new things just for her own self.  Note: James never smiles so cute when we go grocery shopping.)

But some things haven't changed.  Like how even though he sleeps through the night mostly, I still find myself waking up several times to make sure he's still breathing.  And how my heart just up and melts at his scrunchy face when he stretches.  And how I can't clip his toenails because those toes always wiggle when I touch them, even in his sleep.  And can you say actual twinkle in the eye when he smiles?


Lately our favorite thing to do during the day when we're at work with Missy Moo is go to the zoo, even though really I'm the only one who appreciates it and it's been 100-plus degrees lately so we're all pretty vitamin D'd out.  It's still nice to get out of the house and hear some peacocks.  I should probably be pacing myself, however, because I come home so drained by the heat and humidity that I sit down and don't get up until bedtime, and the pile of clean laundry on our dresser is reaching a level I like to call RIDICULOUS.

Anyway, here's some more of my favorite pictures from the past couple of months. 

 Happy weekend!

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  1. What a cute little man! I miss having tiny ones!