Monday, July 23, 2012

Or maybe Slash?

So I woke up this morning from a deep dreaming sleep desperately needing to know the name of Metallica's drummer. Or was it their bass player? I think I may have even asked Tony about it first thing, but that might have been a dream too because I remember looking underneath a plastic kiddie pool for the answer and I'm pretty sure we don't have one of those in our bedroom. But I really needed to know his name, and for the life of me I couldn't remember. I was sure I knew it. So I forced myself awake enough to google Metallica's band members but none of their names were ringing a bell. Now I'm almost positive I was trying to think of Jimmy Page or Sammy Hagar, even though I only know about Hagar from an episode of My Name Is Earl. Then I was certain that James needed to be fed, but we both fell back asleep no more than a minute into it and ended up being late for work. The moral of the story is that classic rock and metal are vital subjects to have a basic knowledge of in case of emergency?

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