Friday, August 3, 2012

$$ + tell me if I should buy this

Okay people, now I need your help. I've got some extra babysitting cash burning a hole in my pocket and then, as it do, this coat came swinging along on Zulily. And I think I like it - I mean, just check out that tiered hemline:

So yay or nay?  Also, it's on crazy good sale, if that makes a difference.

While we're on the subject of fashion, can I just get an amen for clothes costing too much dang money?  I mean, I do understand that you just can't get everything for free and you get what you pay for and blah blah blah but seriously, $68 for a sweater? (On sale, no less.)  I'd find more examples but I know you know what I'm talking about.  What makes that sweater worth that many monies?  Surely it didn't cost near that much to make?  Why do clothes-sellers need that much profit?  And even more importantly, ladies, why are we okay with paying it??  Now before I get ahead of myself I'm going to go ahead and slap my high horse on the rear to give it a giddyup because two weeks ago I paid $50 for a pair of skinny jeans I know it did not cost $50 to make, so I'm no exception to the crazy.  But it's juuuust soooo ridiculoooouuuus.  I work hard for my money; I hate that in order for me to feel like I'm dressed pretty it has to disappear so fast.  And trust me, I know that $50 is not a lot for jeans.  I mean, I watch What Not To Wear.  I know what prices are acceptable in the fashion world.  Also I'm a lot positive that Clinton and Staci would roll their eyes at this whole paragraph.

(Of course, Clinton and Staci can feel free to buy me a whole new wardrobe at any time.  I volunteer.)

This post is now too silly, and must end.


  1. The coat is cute, and I think it would look good on you.
    And yeah, clothes are way too expensive. I have a hard time buying $8-9 t-shirts... Which probably explains why I'm not a fashionable mama. (I'd love to be, but cannot justify the prices.)

  2. This coat is soooo cute! I would say buy it. Coats come in handy during fall, winter and spring. Thats 3 of 4 seasons. well worth it!

    The striped j crew dress that you would wear everyday(and i would too if i wasnt scared of spilling something on it) cost a pretty shiny penny and I only could justify it because I had 3 weddings to attend. Its the most expensive item of clothing I've ever bought, even with my 15% student discount there. Did you know they have a student discount? Love it.

  3. Oh wow... I love it! I vote yes. And I hear ya about how exspensive clothes are. I'm very quickly becoming a coupon clipper and bargin shopper. Clearance racks here I come.