Sunday, October 31, 2010

I accept gifts at all times of the year.

So the good thing about colder weather is getting to shop for warmer clothes. 

You may be saying "Oh Kayla, that's not true.  Autumn and Winter are magical times of snowflakes in the moonlight and romantic hot apple cider evenings.   Sledding merrily with children down snow-covered hills.  Giving gifts to the ones you love.  Pumpkin pies and Christmas songs on the radio!  These are the things that make the cold months so wonderful!"  And you would imply through your lack of mentioning that you disagree that the best thing about this season is the excuse it provides you with to buy more things to put on your chilly bod.  How wordly!  How materialistic one would have to be!

And you'd be right.  But deep down, deep deep down in your cheery, charitable, Winter-loving soul a teeny piece of you would be nodding its head and saying "Oh Kayla, you are so wise."

Not, of course, that drinking cider with loved ones and gift-giving are not completely noble and wonderful things to do, but aren't they made all the wonderfuler when you're wrapped in cozy and stylish new winterwear? 

Say what you will, but I'm confident part of you will be nodding in empathy as I dream of raking leaves and having snowball fights in a delicious sweatshirt, like this one from MungoCrafts:

*Sigh*  And thus starts the silly Christmas list dreaming.