Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nostalgia, the good kind.

Found this old Livejournal post in my archives from before we were married or even engaged.  Tony was living with my mom and stepdad and me, right after he moved from California, and then as always he had to leave for work early in the morning.  (This was also back when I refused to capitalize anything, which I'm still getting used to not doing.)

excruciatingly broke, and a little lonely.  but otherwise very good.  spending time with the boy left nothing to be desired except more time.  i could spend every night wrapped in arms and pajamas, talking about everything we can think of, falling asleep to indiana jones.  and every morning hearing my door softly open and close followed by whispered kisses on my cheek.  it's like he's already a part of the family.  we know that neither of us are in a hurry, and neither of us are going anywhere with our hearts.

i like that he's someone who will cover himself in fake pirate tattoos with me, and give me puppy dog kisses.  it's very soul happyfying.

Had to include this one as well, cause it makes me giggle.  (It's a list of "quiet thrills".)

the male nurse who said "if you do, i'll judo chop you" to my sister when she said she wanted to take the tube out of my dad's nose at the hospital.

my brother telling my dad they shaved his eyebrows and then re-drew them on angry style while he was in surgery (they didn't, but my dad believed him.)

not seeing a friend for a while, and then going out for dinner with him and feeling as though you still talk every day.

trying to keep a laugh attack silent in the middle of church.

the baby birds in the low nest in my front yard.

"more like a nonja."



  1. hi.
    i could tell from the title of your blog that i was going to love it.
    read the first post and decided my women's intuition was spot on. i'm going to follow.

  2. this is incredibly cute and the exact point of blogging/journaling.