Friday, October 1, 2010

Mixes & Pumpkins & Good TV

Alright, the Mixdisc Swap is fully underway!  Participants should have received an e-mail from me tonight giving you your randomly-generated partners (literally pulled from a hat.)  I hope you're all working your magic in iTunes or whatever other music program you prefer.  My mix is in the refining stage and I think it's turning out pretty sweet.

Remember, the deadline to have your cd IN THE MAIL is Tuesday, October 12th.  Go ahead and give the rules another read-over, but mostly just remember to burn your disc as a cd, not an mp3. 

Not that that's a big deal either, know.

So we spent our Friday eating voluptuous pork burritos from Cafe Rio and watching "The Good Guys", while cuddling with the pup (whether we wanted to or not.)  Then Tony went to bed early because he ate the WHOLE burrito like a crazy man and had to lie down and digest.  I ate a more reasonable 3/4s of my burrito and so was able to stay up later to make a pumpkin.

I know most of you have probably already seen this tutorial a dozen times, but I really really love it and want to share the love.  Crissy and I have plans to get together and make some, but I wanted to make a practice pumpkin - and plus I've been really dying to try it for about a year.  Mine didn't turn out all that great, mostly because I don't have the right needle to sew the yarn through the pumpkin with, nor the right stuffing.  (I used pulled-apart cotton  balls.  Not ideal.)  Maybe I'll post a picture of the little guy later, but in the meantime I hope to find some better, Autumn-esque fabric and the right tools for when we try again. 

Yay for decorating for Fall in this Indian Summer we're having!

Any plans fo the week en?
love, kayla

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  1. I love that pumpkin tutorial! It's so cute. :) What colours did you use?