Thursday, September 30, 2010

No More Whining

So, I've been burning with guilt since my last post.  I could just pinch myself, really hard, for being so whiney.  Was I really complaining about not having a good mattress or an extra set of sheets?  I am truly ashamed.
I guess I need a wake-up call, about just how good I have it.  Sure, things aren't over-the-rainbow perfect, but the good vastly outweighs the bad and I really don't have anything to complain about.  I'm sorry for doing so here. 

It's true that I often wonder whether I'm doing everything right or not, and I'm in the bad habit of comparing myself to others and noticing all the ways I or my life may fall short.  That is a very selfish way of thinking.

Anyway, I apologize.


Of course, the Mixdisc Swap is now under way.  I forgot to mention in the main post one important detail: when you burn your cd, please make sure it's in cd  format, NOT mp3 format.  Not everyone has a cd player that can handle mp3's, so we want to make our discs as user-friendly as possible.

Best of luck with your mixes! 



  1. What? I think everyone is welcome to complain about their sleeping situations. Yeah, comparatively... but I had no issue with your post de whine.
    Woohoo! Mixes!
    P.S. The word verification is "smate". S'mate. That's kind of endearing!

  2. "The grass is always greener..." you know, Cori and I have been using a mattress that he got a couple of years before we even started dating and it was given to him by someone else. And the only reason we're not using the really crappy sheet that we were using in the beginning is because my sweet mother in law bought us a bedding set for Christmas. But that was nearly 4 years ago! I never really thought it was weird that we didn't have a spare sheet for laundry day...or for the week it took to get the laundered sheet back on to the mattress. I didn't realize that was something people do...but whatever. What works for/makes sense to some doesn't for others.
    Sometimes it's hard not to look around and see where others seem to be doing better than you, but what it really is is they're just different. And the big truth is, we all have moments like that, but we shouldn't. We shouldn't compare ourselves because it doesn't change the one thing we all have in common (here comes the churchyness)
    We are all children of God, as long as you believe that and keep it in mind, it won't bother you so much that you don't have a great mattress/spare sheets/a huge house on the hill/a college education/an amazing job/perfect children/celebrity status or what have you (just to throw a few things out there..)
    Anyway, I'm probably just rambling now.
    I had a good time the other night. Next time let's have ice cream for real ;)