Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Button + Degree Failure

I got the urge and whipped up a new little blog button.  You can see it over to the left.  Nothing special, but you know, I think it's pretty cute. 

Also, I want to give a big THANK YOU to my new followers!  Seriously it makes me so happy that anyone would want to read this, so you can go about your days knowing there's a happy girl over here in Utah.

And lastly, we tried this tonight, but I made some errors of calculation and they turned out more charred than edible, so...we'll be doing that again another time (when I acquire more tomatoes.)  Natalie, you have the best ideas for tasty snacks!

And that's all.  Goodnight.


  1. Love the new button! I am so sorry about your tomatoes! But, as someone famous said, try, try, try again! Lol. (If I had a nickel for everything I've charred... *sigh*)

  2. Cute new blog button! Maybe in a few weeks I'll switch buttons on my blog. :) Mmm those tomatoes look good, hope they work out next time!