Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maybe now I'll start journaling.

The boy is off playing airsoft this morning, so I had time to myself to clean the house up a bit and also work on an impulsive little project.  I had this beautifully hand-bound book a friend gave to me, and I had this itch it was perfect to satisfy.  I think it turned out pretty cute, so now hopefully I'll actually get back in the habit of regular journaling.

I appreciated the comments about having lots of projects going at once.  Glad to see I'm not alone!  That's how I work, and maybe it's not all bad, but it does get a little annoying.  Maybe because I work so slow.  I never get anything actually finished.  I'm thinking maybe I need to change my tactics for a while and say I'm not allowed to work on another project until one is completed, because my head (and home) is pretty cluttered by now with unfinished stuff and I need to start clearing it out and checking things off of lists.

I snapped a shot of a sort-of clean workspace to share, so you can see it on a better day.  Still not perfect and just as I'd like it, but honestly I wonder if it will ever get there. It seems to be the nature of life that nothing is ever truly "there".  If it were, would there be a point anymore?  :)

Hope your Saturday is going well.  I'm going to take the pup to the dog park soon, shower, finish tidying up, and then I'm going to the General Relief Society Conference downtown with my neighbor.  Oh, and later I hope to have a post up about the CD swap, so stay tuned!



  1. You're going to the conference center?! Suh-weet! I'll just be at my ward, but I'm still looking forward to it. :)
    Your new journal is super cute. I love how hand-bound books look :)

  2. I love that journal! It looks so pretty.

    I'm so bad with getting a new one, I never want to write in it at first because I'm scared I'll wreck it! Haha.

    Maybe don't start anymore projects until you finish one that you've got on the go, then you can start a new one after that. You'll get the satisfaction of finishing one of them, but get to start something new and fresh too! Maybe use that as a reward for finishing one? If you have some sort of new pattern or material that you really want to work with, don't allow yourself until you finish one that is already started. That way it will get rid of a little of the clutter and you'll have a finished product! :)

    I should take my own advice, HA! ;) Hope you have a great night!