Saturday, September 11, 2010


So, I rarely wear a dress or skirt without something beneath it: jeans, leggings, tights, etc. (I don't know what the etc. would be.  Bandages?  Seran Wrap?  I digress.)  The thing is, I absolutely HATE it when the skirt/dress rides up on my legs because of the friction between it and whatever it is I'm wearing on my legs.  Know what I mean?
So lately, when I make a skirt/dress I line it in the no-static, special occasion-type lining material - like, satin, or whatever it is (polyester) - so it hangs straight and doesn't ride up.  My question is, is this normal, or bizarre?  Would you hate it if you bought a casual dress that was lined in the slippery, "fancy" material?  Or does the riding-up factor not  bother you?  (Or have you discovered another ingenious way around it and would you like to share?)

I hope you'll comment and let me know what you think.  I'd hate to go ahead and do things my way only to find out it's really annoying and people hate it.

peace out,


  1. I think they call those kinds of skirts or dresses, lined. The riding up factor is very annoying and the lining helps. I also wear a slip underneath to help, so a lining would be beneficial. (From my point of view, anyway.) :-)

  2. hello~! i found your blog through holly and think it is just lovely! i don't personally like wearing slips but i also don't really have the riding up problem with most my dresses... i think that if it helps you out, u should totally do it! :D

  3. I like lined skirts, my problem is mostly my slip and my skirts having static affairs.

  4. So, I'm the same, I won't wear a skirt without something underneath and I hate when my skirts ride up! I think adding the silky lining to dresses and skirts is a great idea.
    One thing I do, which sometimes works, but not always, is: I rub the inside of my skirt with a new dryer sheet, which helps to take away the static.
    But I think I'd prefer lined skirts, if that's all it takes to be ride-up free.