Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Fashion Wish List

Alright, I admit it.  I'm getting pumped for Fall.  In honor of the season which is now upon us, I put together a little "Fall Fashion Wish List".  I've never been ultra-trendy, but lately I've been noticing a wiggling in my clothes tooth.

So here are some things I've noticed whilst window shopping that I would like to add to my dream-closet.

Red Shrug: FoundObjectFashion - Brown Hat, Filligree Earrings, Letter Necklace: Charlotte Russe - Yellow Flats: Spirocreations  - Asian Dress, Polkadot Skirt, & both Tights: Anthropologie - Jean Leggings: Banana Republic - Elephant Tee & Camera Hoodie: Threadless - Yellow Dress: Thimble and Acorn - Orange Hat: GingerHaole - Long Sleeve Shirt: Zelaya

*sigh*  I could go on forever.  Wish lists are fun, but if wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak.

Yesterday I made a (loosely) Fall-inspired classic rock mix cd.  None of the songs actually had anything to do with Fall, they were just songs that gave me that "Autumn feeling", for some reason.  It wasn't until I was finished that I noticed that nearly all the tracks I chose were about losing, letting go, being lonely, things changing, or just sad things.  I guess it's my feelings about the changing seasons and the "death" of Summer coming out in song choice.

I'm not really all that sad about the seasons changing, but the coming of Winter is always met with a bit of apprehension in my heart.  For now, though, I'm content to let myself enjoy this season's crisp-but-not-cold weather, lovely fall colors in nature and fashion, the return of warm drinks, that extra blanket on the bed, and leaves crunching beneath my feet.  (Another cold weather bonus?  Cuddling.  Summer, you're great, but I miss full-body contact!)

What are you anticipating?

p.s. Well, at least one person is interested in the CD swap idea!  Natalie, if nothing else, let's you and me send each other mixes.


  1. Those yellow flats are fantastic! And, seriously, I am pleased as punch that Autumn has finally arrived. Everytime I look at the mountains and see the changing leaves my heart gets all fluttery and happy.
    And I must say, I like your saying about if wishes were horses we'd be eating steak. It made me chuckle, and it made me think of the one Cori always says: "if 'if's' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, we'd all have a sweeter Christmas."

    I, too, like the mix CD swap idea....except I don't really listen to a lot of music anymore, so I feel the effort might be a little wasted on me...

  2. I LOVE those yellow shoes! They've been on my wish list for AGES. They just look so pretty and comfy... ah.

    I'm excited for the cooler weather because I get SO SO hot. Haha. I want to be able to drink tea and enjoy it, not get overheated!

  3. Sweet! What's the theme?

    P.S. I love the necklace.