Friday, September 3, 2010

Random Etsy Goodness

I must share some cuteness.  For reals.

Freaking adorable Cinderella costume by TinkerellaCreations.

Vintage Salt/Pepper shaker from 225WaterStreet.  So cool, I want it.

This print by HilariaGalleries captures how I feel sometimes when I read.

Maybe it's just cause I'm eating rice right now, but this chopstick-holding bowl by HughesPottery sounds like something I need.

I'll just stop now, because I could probably go on forever.

Also, anyone else playing Robot Unicorn Attack?  We kind of love it around here.  :)



  1. That Cinderella costume is ADORABLE! As are all of your other Etsy finds. Yay! We must have been on the same wavelength tonight... I just put in an order at Etsy. I could literally spend days on that website!

  2. Cute stuff and I WANT THAT BOWL! I don't even eat rice, but for pasta! Haha.