Monday, May 16, 2011

I am not made for solitude anymore.

So as it turns out, I went to Wal-Mart today.  I want to say something about Wal-Mart, but as it also turns out, Wal-Mart holds no enchantments for me today.  Except for how swimsuits and lawnmowers are being sold under the same roof, along with bleach and beef jerky and plastic flower pots.  I got some, by the way.

Bleh.  This post hold no enchantments for me right now.

Each time I happen to be in a grocery store checkout line, I receive the opportunity to further deepen my suspicions that Paula Deen is no longer real.

She must be a robot somehow.

Did you know that snapdragons are NOT perennials?  I did not know this!  Wal-Mart told me this.  That store is always telling me things I'm not sure I wanted to know.  Like a bag of tortilla chips for $3.00?  Please, I'm better off not knowing.

Antonio is gone til Thursday, which means my brain no longer understands Time and lets me stay up much past my bedtime.  When you work with children you must NEVER DO THIS.  Because they can tell as soon as you walk in that you are not prepared to deal with shenanigans, and they will pay particular attention to the giant wooden blocks they're not allowed to play with, and other such examples of blatant troublemaking.  Crying out suddenly in their sleep during naptime?  Causing your heart to explode with the suddenness and causing all their classmates to begin ominously rolling and tossing about in their cots and it's only 1:30!  Do you think they know they're doing this and why?  You bet they do.  They feed off your exhaustion.

Kitties Who Once You Lovingly Applied Eyedrops To and Evil Realtors also know how to sour your stayed-up-too-late-and-slept-with-no-husband mood. 

Days like these require one to shove all the fresh vegetable fixings for what promises to be a righteous salad in the fridge and have Corn Pops for dinner instead.


  1. It is absolutely the truth. Paula Deen is a robot.... oh wait, that's not what I was gonna say....
    It is absolutely the truth that kids feed off of and take advantage of your exhausted state. My kids do it to me pretty much every day. You'd think, after a couple of years of this, that I would get onto a better sleep no... (hey, I've tried, but I just can't seem to make it stick.)
    Sorry you're Tony-less. If you need someone to hang out with, you're more than welcome to stop by! The kids would be pretty excited to see their Kayla! ;)

  2. Afterworking all day and not getting any sleep the night before, I hung out with my cousin and her two kids, ages 2 &4, its a good thing they were both snuggly for at least 5 seconds each because man, you are right kayla, kids can just sense that you need sleep.

    You can always visit me until thursday :) I have the time off!

  3. hahaha this post made me laugh. indeed indeed, to everything.