Sunday, May 1, 2011

the one about the thing

I tried being witty and using a Friends-like title for this post like all the cool kids do, but you can see how that went.  We painted the bathroom today,  I guess I'm a little fumey?  Anyway, you'll see more about that later, sometime.

Nowtime, I'm going to talk about things for my bathroom wall.  I was sitting in the bathroom one eve, contemplating what should be going on in there.  Decoratively, you know.  It was difficult to imagine anything but Decayed Exoskeleton Mud when that's the only color you can see, but I was trying to picture something lighter, airier -- maybe even, white!  Yes it's true!  Boring white walls are what I wanted!  Now that that was decided, I thought I would like something artsy for the walls.  Graphic, if you will?  Originally I thought something organic, with lots of calligraphic line and more or less monochromatic.  Like flowers.  Orange flowers, maybe.  And then I browsed Etsy for ideas, and remembered how much I like typography.

So I don't want to pay $35 for a typography print someone made on their computer, when actually I can make something on my computer.  So I borrowed a few ideas and changed them up some and came up with a few designs.

First there are these, and I can't decide which one I like better, or if any at all.  Can you?

The idea made me laugh at first, but I think I don't really love it enough.  So then I made this, which I do love and which we will probably print out somehow and hang on our bathroom wall:

Now before anyone freaks out, I stole the idea from a talented Etsy seller named Handz, but I like my version better, and I'm not going to be selling this or anything.  Seriously though, check out Handz because I want every other print in that shop.

And that is all.  When the paint is dry and our bathroom is put back together, I'll share some boring before/after pictures which with hope will portray the vast difference in lightness and airiness. 

Love to your mother.


  1. THAT is TOO cool!!!
    I'm freaking out anyway.

  2. Hahaha awesome. I like the yellow version better. :)

  3. I agree with Holly, I favor the yellow. I love these, when I saw it on facebook I got sooo excited. I just might have to buy a print from that esty shop. thanks for the link!

    oh and I love your creative honesty! So many people appropriate ideas and dont give credit!