Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pictures from the Weekend

It's still technically the weekend, but I doubt anything truly photoworthy will be happening twixt now and midnight, so let's clean off the phone, shall we?

 I spent at least 2 min. of my Friday curling my hair, and not Windexing my bathroom mirror.

I have the smelliest (in a good way) roses this side of my backyard fence.

I wore my first headband since elementary school to dinner w/ Tony and my dad last night, and still have not cleaned the mirror.

While sandal shopping yesterday, I happened across these little gems and had myself a good chuckle.  By Skechers.

And finally, my "big girl" shoes.  Never thought of myself as a Birkenstock lass, but there ya go.  It's a matter of my fact that i have very funky feet and just maybe they will be friends with these sandals.

So there's that.  If you're in Salt Lake City, I suggest you ditch the rain by making chocolate chip cookies in your dry, warm kitchen.  Share the cookie dough with your husband only if he deserves it especially.


  1. you're pretty.

    and i like your sandals.


  2. You're SO cute!!

    I can def feel ya on the curling hair instead of washing mirrors. I always realize mines dirty when I dont have time to clean it.

    Big girl shoes? I need to grow up in the shoe department.

  3. My Sweet Niece! Thanks for bringing some silliness into my life! Great sandals! Being a big girl suits you.
    Aunt Lacie

  4. And then share the cookies you made with a friend! (They were super delicious!)
    You are pretty friend!