Monday, March 5, 2012


Yes, I may have worn a stripey shirt because I wanted to look bigger for picture day.  Contour lines, you know.  Don't judge me.

Tony calls this my Waldo shirt.  And I don't really have a counter-argument for that.

Anyway, I think it's time to break out the listiness again, so here are things I want to remember about 34 weeks:

- I could never really picture what kind of hurt true rib kicks would hurt like.  Now I can picture it really well.  (Turns out it's like getting kicked in the ribs, but from the inside.)

- I love my belly.  I don't know how to explain it without sounding weird.  I just like it.  It makes me feel feminine and strong; I'm a little sad that it won't be here for much longer.  And still no stretch marks (but let's not talk about the boobs, okay?  That's still a sore subject.)

- You are head down!  I'm still just really happy about that.

- I am all kinds of uncomfortable.  My back hurts all the time, it's suddenly really hard to stand up or bend down, doing anything at all gives me heartburn, I'm exhausted but still don't want to stop doing things.  And even still, I love being pregnant.

- Still no weird cravings, except for the past couple weeks I cannot stop thinking about grape juice.  I want to drink it all the time.

- You move a lot.  Especially right at bedtime and in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I feel like my stomach is boiling, but you know, in a not excruciating way.

- Also, lots of Braxton Hicks.

- You feel more and less real all at the same time, the closer you get.  I've come as close to seeing your face almost as is technologically possible, I feel almost all your movements, but I know that I still don't really know you yet.  Of course, will I ever really know you?  You are a real person.  Sometimes the bigness of what you are overwhelms me.

- OH, the emotions.  The last few days I've been a little rollercoaster.  I try really hard not to be too crazy for Tony, but there have been a few times when I just needed to cry for no reason.

- And yet, for some reason I've been able to turn off my super-sensitive emotions enough to really enjoy The Walking Dead.

- I worry I'm not going to get your room done in time.

- I worry a lot about labor and delivery.

- Even with the extra stressors lately, Tony and I can still laugh about pretty much anything.  It's probably my favorite thing about us.  I hope we can stay happy and silly even during Newborn Time.

- But on the inside, I'm starting to feel anxious, anxious, anxious.

- And this is unrelated, but Mila Jovovich really grosses me out.

So, that's about it, for now.  My brain is all over the place these days.  I'm trying to do some content writing for my sister's website and I'm worried that when she sees what I've done so far she'll be like, "um...maybe this was a bad idea."  And I'll be like, "we should get pancakes."

And that's that.


  1. Ahhhhhhhh, look at you! I'm so glad that you're loving this amazing experience that you're going through. You are going to have a BABY soon! AHH!!! So exciting/awesome/crazy.

    1. I know!! It's completely insane.

  2. i almost cried. im not pregnant but im on my extra special lady time... so you know. emotional.

    i love that you feel feminine and not like a stuffed sausage. i hear women so often talk about how awful they feel pregnant and I really hope that more would express themselves or think about pregnancy like you do. and you are way lucky with no stretch marks you tiny little thing!

    1. You know what I'm not looking forward to having again? Extra special lady time. It's been a nice break.

      Believe me, there's lots of feeling like a stuffed sausage, but what fun is life if you can't look on the bright side? Actually I think I'm a little weird for liking being pregnant. I really am going to miss it.